By applying innovations to solve safety problems, these safety professionals have advanced American Society of Safety Professionals and the safety profession.


Samantha J. Horseman, DBL, MBA, CCP(erg), CWP

Innovation: Driver safety management system called Intellisense, which incorporates a dynamic mix of sound science and proven engineering principles to reduce traffic accidents. The system alerts a driver in real-time to high-risk behaviors and biometric levels so that adaptive learning occurs. The system is a powerful application of human computer interface technology, real-time data mining and effective behavior change using biofeedback loops.

2017 Honorable Mention Recipients

  • Patricia M. Allen, STS: Mobile learning laboratory equipped with a slippery walkway, unique shoe covers, trolley system, large mirror and flat-screen monitor for instant feedback to trainees.
  • David Catallo, CRSP, and Matthew Clarke, CRSP: Peer-to-peer participatory ergonomics program that empowers production associates to ignite change and reduce workplace risk.
  • Joshua Hancey, M.B.A.: A device that lifts and pulls solar modules up a ladder to workers on the roof so that workers do not need to manually lift the 45-pound modules up a ladder. The innovation allows the ladder to stay in its normal position, saving time and money.
  • Corene Jackson: Dry Ice Block Loading Project combats safety, productivity and ergonomic challenges using a combination of off-the-shelf components and custom-designed items. By shifting the physical burden from the operator to the equipment, it eliminates hazards as well as contusion and laceration risks.


Steven Trammell, P.E., CSP, CHMM

Innovation: International risk control guidance for use of energetic materials that provides best-known methods for safe use, handling, processing and disposal of reactive hazardous materials that have or may exhibit energetic properties.

2016 Honorable Mention Recipients

  • Riad Efendi, Ph.D.: Mobile app for site visit reports and observations
  • Bernard Carl McDonald, M.S., CSP, CIH, REM, CHMM: Fall protection regulations for ships, submarines and embarked aircraft in the U.S. Navy fleet
  • Ahmed M. Qabazard: Risk-based approach for HSE surveillance in process plant shutdown
  • Frank T.K. Tan: 5 I-Ray eyes technique
  • Skylar W.H. Willard, CSP, CMSP: Non-entry rescue system for an asphalt mixing drum


Jack Reiter

Innovation: Machine Safety Management (MSM) software, which helps businesses and schools conduct, store and manage machine safety audits, risk assessments and machine information.

2015 Honorable Mention Recipients

  • Randy Brown: KemKey Safety Couplings, which use different shapes, colors and markings to reduce the opportunity for chemical cross-contamination during transfers.
  • Grant C. Chustz: Barricade Buddy, which provides added protection for craftsman working in close proximity to cranes, riggers working directly with cranes and crane operators.
  • Cory M. Davis: Mobile safety application that enable contractors, owners, construction managers, program managers and facility managers to review a list of best practice safety questions depending on the work being performed and rectify issues that are identified.
  • Sally L. Koch: 5 Star Safety at Leatherman Tool: Letting Your Inner Superhero Out is a program that sets expectations and challenges all employees to become world-class safety performers.
  • Anthony M. Krake: Digital management system for small business that uses iPads, a software application and a cloud-based storage system to store data files, allowing instantaneous collaboration between offices and field crews.

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