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Alyssa K. Duncan, CSP, CIT
Position: CIG Assistant Administrator – Women in Safety Excellence (WISE)


ADuncan photoAlyssa K. Duncan, CSP, CIT is the EHS-R Manager for Blue Mountain Midstream. Her career in safety began over 15 years ago after a career as an industrial engineer, which required attending weekly meetings where injured employees were berated and faced with disciplinary action. Alyssa knew then, there had to be a better way to reduce injuries and to treat people humanely. 

The journey led her out of food production and to the world of oil & gas. Alyssa has worked for companies of all sizes, from the large multi-national corporations to the smaller basin wide operations. She became a Certified Safety Professional and joined one of the first Safety Blazar classes at the University of Alabama under the tutelage of the late Dr. Martha Bidez obtaining a M.Eng. in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management. It was during these classes, listening to Dr. Bidez and guest lecturers like Fred Manuele, Adele Abrams, and Kelly Bernish, that Alyssa learned about a better way be safe. 

Alyssa now heads up the environmental, health, safety, and regulatory department at Blue Mountain Midstream overseeing a workforce with 75 company employees and over 400 contract employees. She is an active member of ASSP’s Women In Safety Excellence common interest group. In her spare time, Alyssa turns into a soccer mom for three rambunctious kids.

Platform Statement

From its founding, WISE has always been at the forefront of the ASSP common interest groups – leading the way in providing a welcoming environment for ALL members of the safety profession to advance their careers through “education, mentorship, networking, collaboration, research and innovation”.  I am running for the Assistant Administrator position to help continue pushing WISE to the forefront. 

One of the reasons that WISE is so successful is a continuum of leadership through the years – with each new Assistant Administrator very familiar with the past and present of WISE.  I will bring the seamless transition that WISE members have become accustomed to.  I share your past, I have been a part of the present.  I can’t wait to help lead you to the future.

I have been through the challenges faced by many WISE members and am now at a point where I am ready and willing to give back at a whole new level.  I have lived paycheck to paycheck and felt “stuck” in hostile work environment, juggled going back to school and working full time, tried to balance my work and personal life while changing jobs, traveling for work, becoming pregnant, adopting, and raising children. 

Do you work in a remote location or have a work schedule, where you can’t be a part of monthly ASSP meetings or Chapter Wise meetings – I have been there.  I will strive to come up with more innovative ways to make you feel as if you are an integral part of WISE and the greater ASSP community.

There are so many issues we aren’t done addressing – from ill-fitting PPE, violence in the workplace, to inclusion policies – I will help lead you as we continue to address these issues and move forward to address emerging issues.  Thank you for your consideration. 


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