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Eric R Sachleben, CSP
Position: Council on Professional Development


ESachleben_PhotoEric Sachleben, CSP, is a Division Manager with Liberty Mutual Insurance. As the East Division Manager, Eric is responsible for developing and operationalizing the Risk Control Services strategy to maximize impact on customers’ Total Cost of Risk.  This includes creating the atmosphere for innovation, investing heavily in talent development, and collaborating extensively with business partners to achieve mutual goals.

Eric has been a safety professional for nearly 25 years. His journey as an ASSP member began in the student chapter while attending Murray State University as he earned his B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health. That journey has continued through his work in the aviation industry and accelerated since joining Liberty Mutual and entering the insurance industry in 2002.

For the past three years, Eric has served as a Trustee on the ASSP Foundation Board of Directors. He has focused his energy on supporting the Next Generation Board, engaging in fund raising and sharing the Foundation’s mission while speaking to various groups.

Platform Statement

As a candidate for Vice President, Council on Professional Development, I would like to share my thoughts on how I would serve you while leading this council. We are at a unique point in our history where change is happening quickly, and it provides a great moment to adjust and take advantage of this opportunity to continue to diversify and grow our professional development efforts. My experience as a leader within my organization has given me the unique opportunity to observe the development needs of safety professionals in a wide range of industries and at different points in their professional careers. In my current role I have had the opportunity to influence the development of hundreds of safety professionals within my own company.

I am committed to continuing to grow and diversify our efforts in supporting those who don’t have safety as their primary role.  Countless numbers of professionals in businesses perform safety roles while serving in primarily other functions. We can provide educational resources to them to grow their understanding of safety and provide a path to certification.

I will support the continued development of flexible on-line training to meet learners where they are in their career. I will work to address our shifting time and the blurring of work life balance by encouraging more micro-learning offerings. We can support learners to take in more reasonable portions of information while working toward understanding and application at their pace.

Lastly, my experience in serving on the ASSP Foundation Board has given me insight into how to work with the Society and engage other volunteers and committees. I have the experience and perspective on how to partner with the Society staff and other members to move initiatives forward while carrying out our mission to grow and diversify the OSH Professional’s knowledge.


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