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Jefferey M. Citrone, CSP, CIH
Position: Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Oil, Gas, Mining & Mineral Resources


JCitrone PhotoJeffrey M. Citrone, CSP, CIH, has over 35 years of experience in industrial health, safety and environmental compliance working for and consulting to various industries and facilities. Jeff has gained technical expertise in regulatory compliance and continually demonstrates his ability to work with various state and federal regulatory agencies.

Jeff has prepared, implemented and managed OSHA-required plans and programs, EPA-required risk management programs, and U.S. DOT-required pipeline safety plans and programs. He has also prepared, implemented and conducted safety and health training procedures to comply with federal, state and local health and safety regulations. This includes those regulations that are required during normal business operations and those that become effective in emergency situations. 

Jeff has conducted various environmental, health and safety audits involving facilities including oil and gas production facilities, oil refineries, gas production plants, manufacturing facilities, major office complexes and various environmental remediation sites. He has identified, developed, and delivered customized risk control strategies for a variety of clients. These strategies include: auditing facility operations and procedures to identify existing potential exposures to losses, both business and regulatory losses; analyzing loss trends to develop appropriate and effective risk control measures; implementing programs to effect needed safety cultural changes; and aiding in preparing and presenting required training sessions.

Platform Statement

It is my belief that some of the most valuable information provided to ASSP members comes from the practice specialty communities. Therefore, it is my goal to continue the level of involvement the community has in reviewing and sponsoring presenters at the annual professional development conference, providing pertinent key issue collaboration session at the annual conference, and promoting and developing informative educational opportunities for the practice specialty community members.

Additionally, the networking opportunities provided by the practice specialty community is often as important as the educational opportunities. I have been extremely active in promoting these networking opportunities with the community in the past, and I plan on keeping up these practices.


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