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R. Steven Willis, CSP
Position:  Region IV Vice President


SWillis PhotoR. Steven Willis, CSP, membership with ASSP began with the Georgia Chapter in 1975. After transferring to Birmingham and the Alabama Chapter, he volunteered to fill the vacant chapter secretary position. Steve held an elected position in the Alabama Chapter for the next 17 years. In 2012 he was elected to his first of 2 terms as Area Director for the six chapters in Alabama and Mississippi. He was then appointed Region Treasurer and has held this position since 2012. Twice recognized as the Alabama Chapter Safety Professional of the Year. In 2013, was selected as the Region IV Safety Professional of the Year. In 2014, received the William H. Weems Lifetime Achievement Award at the Alabama Governor's Safety and Health Conference.

Professionally his first 10 years were spent with a Workers Compensation Carrier as a safety consultant followed by 2 years with insurance brokers as a safety consultant. He then spent 33 years in various safety positions for an electric utility. His last position was as the Regulatory Compliance Principal assisting the business units within the company on safety and health regulatory compliance issues. As a member of the ASTM's F18 Committee on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers for 20 years, Steve served as the secretary for the Terminology subcommittee {F18.60) and as vice chairman of subcommittee F18.93

National/International Standards Review. Steve was also a member of the Edison Electric Institute's Safety and Health Committee. Currently, he is semi-retired.

Position Statement

Region IV is a very diverse group of 23 chapters spread across five states. The purpose of the Region VP is to provide assistance and consultation to the Area Directors to ensure that the high performing chapters continue to grow and that those Chapters that need help get it. Aside from performing the required duties of the Region VP, I would plan to focus on the following areas.

Region Operating Committee (ROC): The Region IV Operating Committee has been expanded to include all Chapter Presidents. I would like to see more ROC participation from the chapters that are struggling.

These meetings would be used not only as an opportunity for training and updating the group on

developments at the Society level but as a venue for sharing best practices and networking.

Region IV Professional Development Conference (PDC): The Region IV PDC has two primary functions.  The first is it provides a relatively inexpensive source for professional development/continuing education for members. The PDC is also the primary source of revenue for the Region. This revenue is used to help send representatives from struggling chapters to the annual leadership conference, support the ROC, and fund our awards program. I would work with the Region's PDC committee to continue to look for ways to improve the conference and increase member attendance so we might fund other activities to benefit the Region's membership.

Leadership Development: As the Region IV VP, I would ensure that each chapter was aware of the tools that are available to help them, and they know where to go for the help they want and need. I would also continue expand the Region's efforts to get Chapter leaders and potential leaders to attend the annual ASSP Leadership conference.


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