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Randall C. Butler, MS, CSP, SMS, CIT
Position:  Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator-Construction


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Randall C. Butler, MS, CSP, SMS, CIT is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) responsible for implementing the Contractor Oversight program at CMS Energy/Consumers Energy.  Randall has achieved a master’s degree in Engineering Technology for Industrial Management/Safety, and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.  In addition, Randall’s educational background includes teaching safety at an accredited University, Randall also possesses a keen ability to lead safety with a proven record of success in implementing safety protocols.

Randall’s professional career began by working in Construction. Industry experience as an IBEW Electrician and as a Construction Company Owner, allows for a unique and practical approach to resolve safety issues that align with both the worker and management.  Experience in applying governing protocols to the workplace practices was further developed as an intern for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Madison Wisconsin. Now, as a dedicated safety professional for over ten (10) years, Randall specializes in creating a systematic approach to safety through strategies that manage risk by reducing hazardous conditions and behaviors to ensure workplace safety. 

Mr. Butler's professional safety practice combines the principles of 'safety management systems' and 'behavior-based safety' to create innovative policy, procedure, and program.  Mr. Butler’s work has proven to be successful through implementation of a total quality approach to safety. Describing the methodology used, Mr. Butler articulates that "safety is not an event, it's a lifestyle!"  Randall is dedicated to helping people in his life’s work, allowing him to thrive in ‘improving the quality of life’ for others, as a Safety Professional.

Platform Statement

I first gained an interest in safety after winning the Chicago Architecture Foundations ‘Newhouse Architecture Competition’ in high school; which led to an internship at a company that specialized in automated fire protection. It was here that I learned the concept of prevention through design; it has since become my passion exhibited through construction safety practices.  A meandering path towards becoming a dedicated Safety Professional, for over the past decade, afforded me a diverse perspective which aides in the development of strategy to lead and manage safety protocols. 

As a member, I represent the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) with dedication and pride.  To assist in growing my profession, I aspire to utilize the platform established by the ASSP to contribute to our body of knowledge by offering my experience(s), perspective, and service.  My goal is to improve the quality of life by facilitating progress in the development of overall safety strategy and involvement.

I believe the influence of safety is developed through shared goals, realized by creating a balance of people, systems, and behaviors in an interdependent relationship.  By keeping people first, we can lead systematic protocols that manage risky behaviors which can lead to clear understanding and acceptance of safety practice(s). 

My commitment is to exercise my influence to increase participation and motivation for the betterment of methods to protect people, property, and the environment. 


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