Fire Protection – Administrator & Assistant Administrator Special Election


Gabriel Miehl - CSP, CFPS


Gabriel Miehl - CSP, CFPS

Gabriel Miehl, CSP, CFPS is the past Fire Protection Practice Specialty Administrator and a technician with the Erie County (Pennsylvania) Hazardous Materials Response Team, is the past chair and current planning chair of the Erie County LEPC, and is the current president of the Erie County (Pennsylvania) Hazardous Materials Response Team.  He has worked in the environmental, health, and safety field since 1998 with experience in frozen food manufacturing and heavy industrial machining and assembly operations. Gabriel is currently employed as the senior health and safety manager with General Electric Transportation in Erie, Pennsylvania, a 350 acre manufacturing site hosting approximately 3000 employees that focuses on locomotive development, testing, and production.  He has held several positions with the Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of ASSP, including President and Secretary, and with the Fire Protection Practice Specialty including publications coordinator. 

Gabriel has a BS in Safety Sciences from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently working on an MS in Environmental and Safety Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.  He is a certified safety professional, certified fire protection specialist, a special government employee for the OSHA VPP program, and is ProBoard certified as a hazardous materials technician and HAZMAT incident safety officer.  Gabriel has presented at past professional development conferences since 2008 on community emergency response planning and fire prevention planning and has been published in both Professional Safety and Fireline.

Platform Statement

Practices and standards present innovation opportunities for the Society.  If elected, I would focus on three key areas for operational excellence:

Capacity- Innovation requires leadership and involvement.  The daily drive of work and personal commitments makes it extremely difficult to grow leaders and engage member participation.  We need to continue to streamline our processes and procedures to make it as easy as possible to allow supporters to support and potential members to engage.

Communication- Innovation requires a consistent and sustainable stream of information that engages our members.  We can be inundated by emails, news feeds, and social media posts.  We need to continue to improve our tools that allow members to stay engaged and increase participation when the subject matter piques their interest.

Capability- Innovation requires the best ideas and execution.  We need to continue to enable our members to improve upon their best ideas every day to drive the safety profession forward.  Continued strategic investment in our operational tools and engagement opportunities will encourage this improvement.


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