Environmental - Assistant Administrator Special Election


Richard Olawoyin, Ph.D., CSP, CEP



Richard Olawoyin,  Ph.D., CSP, CEP, worked in the petroleum industry as a geologist, geophysicist, petroleum engineer, safety and environmental health scientist, both in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors. His research interests emphasize advanced energy production, human health exposure risk assessment, nanotechnology, environmental quality assessment and sustainability, fire engineering, statistical techniques in occupational safety and health (OSH), engineering, hazard management in nuclear safety, cognitive and environmental ergonomics, risk management and solution innovation, hazard management and systems safety, and occupational decision-making aspects of OSH.

He has won numerous awards and honors as an academic and professional. Olawoyin is a chief book editor and has authored numerous publications (20 as first author) on topics such as environmental health and safety, energy and mining engineering, petroleum engineering, environmental engineering, drilling innovation and environmental health sciences. He is a university senator, chair of the curriculum committee in health sciences, advisory board member in the Department of Chemistry, NSF panel reviewer on chemical imaging, and ABET commissioner and faculty adviser in the School of Engineering. He has presented at several international and national conferences on petroleum technology, environmental engineering, health, safety and geosciences.

Platform Statement

The diversity, inclusion and professional advancement reflected in the new brand of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) are very important to the mission of the profession: “Working together for a safer, stronger future." This future includes a safer environment that will guarantee the sustainable use of energy and control the release of hazardous substances that may potentially alter the ecosystem, humans and other priced assets. The Environmental Practice Specialty plays a pivotal role in the safety profession, sustainability and posterity. Our integral efforts to serve as a valuable resource for knowledge, skills, continuing education, networking and general professional development of the members are quintessential to the objectives of ASSP.     

My objective is to serve collaboratively with our members, sharing valuable information toward the growth of our membership and ensure that our members from diverse backgrounds are successful in their careers. I am eager to promote the goals and mission of ASSP, particularly through the Environmental Specialty initiatives, globally.


President's Message

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ISO 45001 Standard

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