Environmental - Assistant Administrator Special Election


Tanis J. Marquette, CSP, ISSP-CSP



Tanis J. Marquette, CSP, ISSP-CSP, has more than 20 years' experience in environmental, health, safety and sustainability. Throughout her career she has been recognized for leadership, advocacy and integrity. Her career has touched foundry, wire rope, poultry processing, textiles, healthcare, forest products, and chemicals industries and various levels of government. She has been at Hexion Inc. since 1997.

Tanis has also been actively involved with the standards development process through technical committee participation within ASSP, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

She is a professional member in the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) and ASSP, with an extensive history of leadership within ASSP chapters in Kentucky and Ohio, and the Society level of both organizations. Her contributions include authoring a chapter in the ISSP-CSP study and being selected by her peers to serve as vice chair of ASSP's Council on Practices and Standards while administrator for the Manufacturing Practice Specialty community. Combining both her passions (ASSP and sustainability), most recently she has been actively engaged with the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability recent forums on sustainability reporting.

Platform Statement

In our ever-changing profession and the world around us, I have always focused on ensuring I stayed current so I could bring my employer what they needed to stay competitive and so I could always have the opportunity to be engaged in the ‘conversation’. As such, I have been an active member in CSSE and ASSP since graduating in 1992. I have successfully credentialed in two countries across three disciplines. And 11 years ago, I was given the amazing gift of adding sustainability to those focus areas (and a fourth credential discipline, although today I maintain only two). Having been introduced to the nuances of practice specialty groups as the administrator of the Manufacturing Practice Specialty and being named the Council on Practices and Standards' Safety Professional of the Year in 2018, I am uniquely positioned to bring my passion and expertise as an innovative sustainability leader to the Environmental Practice Specialty.

As a community, we have the ability to engage and elevate sustainability within the ASSP and the organizations we represent at the office. With environmental stewardship as a foundation, expanding our network’s expertise and the Society’s embrace of sustainability – even more widely than the tremendous efforts of the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability, which I applaud – should be one of top our goals to ensure our membership remains competitive. As OSH, environmental and sustainability professionals and practitioners, we know the opportunity that exists within society and the Society to make a difference. Recognized by the Environmental Leader as an EL75 2018 and twice previously recognized by them for my innovative approach to stakeholder engagement, I would like to engage with you to further elevate the visibility of the Environmental Practice Specialty and what our professions contribute to society. Together, we do, can and will continue to make a difference. I look forward to your vote and input as we define our engagement strategy and future.


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