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Illinois State University Named ASSP’s Outstanding Student Section of the Year

Jul 01, 2019

SU_OSSA1For the second time in less than 5 years, ASSP’s Illinois State University Student Section has been named Outstanding Student Section of the Year. Part of our Central Illinois Chapter, the section was strong in three critical requirements of the award: professional development, research (specifically for research on machine guarding for agricultural harvest equipment), and campus and community involvement.

"The quality of research and student involvement conducted by the smaller group of ASSP student members was outstanding," says the award committee. The section sponsored community events such as the Bright Horizons Safety Day in October 2018, for which members conducted home and school safety training lessons in Bloomington, IL. Other activities included hosting various training opportunities, decorating trees for a fundraiser and auction, giving out coffee at the university’s homecoming, and hosting free CPR certification at the university.

The section will receive $6,000 to fund scholarships and research. Other qualifying student sections will receive a $500 stipend from our Society.

Geoffrey Walter

Congratulations from a proud Illinois State University alum!  Great work by the Student Section and the Central Illinois Chapter.


Geoff Walter CSP

Stig Ruxlow

Congratulations!  Great work by the student section! 

Proud to be an Alum of the ISU program (1995), former student section member (1993-1995) and member of the Central Illinois Chapter since 1995!

Stig T. Ruxlow, CSP, CXLT, ALCM


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