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ASSP Members Recognized as NSC’s 2019 Rising Stars of Safety

Sep 01, 2019

Among those identified as 2019 Rising Stars of Safety by National Safety Council (NSC) were 12 ASSP members. The program recognizes safety leaders under age 40 who are dedicated to providing safety leadership in their organization.

  • Jessica Diane Brooks is a safety specialist with FirstGroup America. She is a member of our Southwestern Ohio Chapter and Transportation Practice Specialty. “Jessica is responsible for providing technical guidance and support for all FirstGroup America companies across North America (providing safety support to a team of 50 safety professionals and 100,000 employees). In her 2.5 years with the company, she has established herself as a tireless and selfless safety champion, helping initiate our root-cause analysis process, managing our incident response processes, monitoring frontline engagement activity as part of our behavior-based safety processes, becoming a behavior-based safety trainer, and conducting analysis of safety performance across all FirstGroup companies."
  • Theresa Ciatto is the safety director at Primus Builders Inc. She is a member of our Georgia Chapter and Women in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group. “Theresa recognized that to engage her peers effectively, she had to determine the different safety training needs of three groups. She offered the design team general industry OSHA 10-hour training. They learned how to design so that the finished building would be compliant. All project managers and superintendents are OSHA 30-hour certified, and first-aid and CPR certified. Theresa also offers training on topics such as fall protection. This includes subcontractors if she or our on-site superintendent determines their skills need strengthening. In addition to OSHA, first-aid and CPR training, the thermal envelope team receives hands-on equipment training."
  • Aya Hashimoto is a safety coordinator with Duncan Aviation. She is a professional member of our Mid-Michigan Chapter. “Aya drove the use of the Intelex system for online injury reporting. The new tool made it easier for team members to report injuries and provided more accurate information for the company to investigate hazardous situations. Aya has also prioritized the needs of policy overview and has written a bloodborne pathogens policy and revised the complex respiratory protection program. Her ability to understand compliance requirements combined with her talent to apply it has helped her accomplish these results."
  • Matthew F. Herron, P.E., CSP, CPE, is a senior safety engineer at Southwest Research Institute. He is a professional member of our South Texas Chapter and a member of the Engineering, Ergonomics, and Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources practice specialties. “Matt led a new safety initiative in 2017, titled Safety 360, to foster a culture that empowers employees to proactively identify, correct and report hazards. The Safety 360 tenets include: everyone is responsible for workplace safety and has stop-work authority; situational awareness; protect yourself and those around you; and report all unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. This initiative encourages employee participation by providing a simple form they can use to communicate the hazards they have identified and allows them to provide their own solution. This information is compiled in a spreadsheet for tracking and data analysis."
  • Amber J. Joseph is a technical consultant of risk control services at Liberty Mutual Insurance. She is a member of our Chesapeake and Central Pennsylvania chapters and Women in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group. “Amber is leading a multiyear slips, trips and falls (STF) reduction project by creating a sustainable program to reduce STF claims. Amber created an employee perception survey and a hazard assessment survey, which were used to assess employee perceptions of STF hazards and analyze associated gaps. Based on findings, a STF prevention self-assessment guide was developed that focuses on critical STF risk reduction program elements."
  • Crystal Lea Lawson is an HSE division senior associate at CBRE. She is a member of our Southwest Chapter. “Since 2016, Crystal has been involved with program management of more than 200 asbestos and mold remediation projects. In 2018, she managed more than 500 indoor air quality complaints and reconciled those complaints through inspection and testing. She emphasizes streamlining removal and protecting employees through asbestos awareness training and vendor interaction. Crystal also manages CFR 66—Clean Air Act requirements for refrigerants. She has trained all CBRE engineers to properly and safely log use of refrigerants by following the updated Section 608 regulations for leak detection rules that effectively monitor leaks, reclaim refrigerants and prevent exposure to asphyxiants."
  • Meraiah L. Marvel is the national safety and security manager at Parsons Corp. She is a member of our Alaska Chapter. “Meraiah routinely leads controversial but successful safety initiatives that transform the performance and the culture of her program. She regularly analyzes her program, and identifies desirable and undesirable trends. She seeks advice from craft personnel and site leaders to understand these trends. Meraiah asks her peers in safety and security to see what has been done elsewhere. She develops pilot processes and deploys them on selected project sites with full buy-in from project leaders and craft personnel. Meraiah adjusts, and then redeploys them throughout her program."
  • Jeremy Nixon is an occupational safety program manager at the U.S. Air Force and Pacific Air Forces Command HQ. He is a member of our Hawaii Chapter and Military and Public Sector practice specialties. “As a champion for safety education, Master Sgt. Nixon has provided personnel at remote locations many opportunities for training. Funding for machine guarding, control of hazardous energy, confined space and risk management training road shows were secured. He also sponsored a cranial injury reduction project by identifying the areas of high occurrence, acquiring and distributing 500 articles of PPE, and developing training and standard operating procedures leading to a 39% head-injury reduction."
  • Gabriella Pace is a safety professional at Walt Disney World. She is a professional member of our Central Florida Chapter and the Emerging Professionals in OSH and Women in Safety Excellence common interest groups. “Gabriella partnered with our merchandise leadership to divide the location leadership into four strategic groups to drive safety initiatives by focusing on the four areas of focus: commitment, engagement, programs and prevention. The team meets monthly to discuss updates on strategy development, in addition to the monthly safety and wellness committee meeting. The champions are responsible for executing their portion of the strategy. As FY18 came to a close, Gabriella partnered with merchandise leadership to make minor tweaks to the strategy and build on prior year momentum to ensure strong returns continued into FY19."
  • Greggory Addam Vanover is a safety manager at Clean Fuels National. He is a student member with our Colorado State University Student Section, which is part of the Anthony Wayne Chapter. He is also a member of our Emerging Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group and Environmental, Management, and Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources practice specialties. “Prior to his involvement with safety, our program was virtually nonexistent. Addam has rewritten the safety plan, written a safety management plan and created our audit program, as well as many other aspects of measurable safety performance. Our warnings and violations issued internally to technicians are lower than ever and continue to drop. Our audit program has been bolstered due to his efforts and now covers 100% of employees quarterly, something we previously did not think was possible."
  • Atif Waheed is an assistant manager of EHS at Byco Petroleum Pakistan Ltd. He is a member of our Pakistan Chapter. “Atif recently benchmarked hot work against different standards and good engineering practices. He conducted a thorough review, highlighting significant deviations. He followed that by developing a comprehensive plan to confine and eradicate these deviations. He defined the steps, developed new work permits and redefined the hierarchy of approval. Higher level reviews and approvals were sought, followed by training and coaching of staff. After the change, site fire incidents dropped remarkably."
  • Patrick Wolocko is a safety manager at W. Soule and Co. He is a professional member of our West Michigan Chapter, and a member of the Emerging Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group and Management Practice Specialty. “Patrick identified and has managed a web-based audit database used by the company. Using the information obtained, we can communicate based on leading indicators and have reduced our incidents rates by 20% over 3 years. He also leads our three shop safety committees. Over the past couple of years, his leadership and the involvement of the committee have driven the installation of two jib cranes to reduce material handling; created standard operating procedures for equipment in the shops; updated inspection forms for equipment; and helped engineer an acid wash station to eliminate some PPE requirements, making the station safer."


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