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Getting the Most Out of Your Online ASSP Community

Nov 01, 2019

SU_CommunityPostAs part of your ASSP membership, you have access to the ASSP Community, an exclusive online area where members are connecting, sharing resources and solving technical problems. If you have a safety question or problem, the ASSP Community can help.

Learn how to log in to the online ASSP Community so you can gain access to member-only conversations that share expert knowledge and best practices to help solve workplace challenges. Once logged in, you can personalize your notifications so you can stay up to date on current discussions. Contribute to the ASSP Community by creating conversations, replying to discussion topics and connecting with fellow safety professionals, and earn badges that show your engagement with members of the ASSP Community. 

As a member of the online ASSP Community, you can also get answers from our customer service staff. If you have a question about your membership benefits, chances are someone else has already asked. Visit the Customer Service discussion area to search for your question. If no one has already asked it, you can post your question and our team will respond to your post.


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