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Help the ASSP Foundation Recruit the Next Generation of Safety Professionals

Dec 01, 2019

SU_1144822705Do you have a passion for spreading the word about the OSH profession? The ASSP Foundation wants to hear from you.

The ASSP Foundation is building a safety career recruitment program to raise awareness of the OSH profession and help develop the pipeline of the next generation of workers. We are working to increase the impact of the ASSP Foundation through outreach beyond those who are already committed to the profession.

  • Are you doing work in your community to educate students and others about safety careers?
  • Do you visit schools on career day or exhibit at career fairs?
  • Do you promote safety as a profession in your work with other nonprofit organizations or schools?

If you have developed or utilized presentations, activities or tool kits to highlight safety as a viable career option, or if you are interested in getting involved in the development of these programs, we want to hear from you. Your submissions will support efforts to create resources that members can use as a recruitment or educational resource.

Better than anyone, our members know what a wonderful career choice the safety profession is for future generations as well as people considering a career pivot. Get involved with ASSP Foundation’s mission to showcase and raise awareness of the profession. 

Submit your presentations and ideas, or ask how you can get more involved in this effort.

Monique Parker
I would like to get involved in helping with this effort.  Please let me know how I might be able to support.  
Sarah Astra
Monique Parker, so glad you want to get involved! Feel free to submit any presentations or ideas to


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