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Rosa Carrillo Discusses Her Book on The WAM Podcast

Dec 01, 2019

SU_RosaCarrilloASSP has partnered with The WAM Podcast on a new six-episode series about the impacts of gender on workplace safety and health. In the episode, "Building Trust With Rosa Carrillo," host and ASSP CEO Jennifer McNelly chats with ASSP member Rosa Carrillo, author of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership.

Carrillo speaks about the eight core beliefs that are the foundation for high-performing safety organizations. Carrillo and McNelly discuss how trust among CEOs and employees leads to better safety regulation, performance and employee ingenuity. Carrillo shares her observations from research in cognitive science to offer tips for improving safety in companies.

“The teacher's expectation of the child determines their performance, in large part because we treat people differently when we have high expectations of them,” Carrillo says. You can read a review of Carrillo’s book in the November 2019 issue of Professional Safety.


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