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ASSP House of Delegates Approves Bylaws Changes

Nov 01, 2018

Our House of Delegates recently voted to approve several changes to the Society bylaws, including changing the title of executive director to chief executive officer. The title change better aligns the Society with the association industry. The term “executive director” may mischaracterize the scope and importance of the position and create a competitive disadvantage when recruiting for the role. The change also addresses inconsistencies between two sections of the bylaws.

The delegates also approved changes that will:
  • streamline and clarify the nominations and elections process and timeline, and eliminate redundancy;
  • remove the Bylaws Committee as a standing committee because changes in processes now ensure that bylaws changes undergo several review cycles by committees, board and staff members, and legal representatives, as well as review by delegates when voting.
Read the current Society Bylaws on ASSP’s website.

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