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ASSP’s Board of Directors Engage With Members at Virtual Town Hall

Dec 01, 2020

The Board Connection Series with the ASSP Board of Directors launched on Oct. 27 with the goal of improving dialogue within the Society and providing insight on key activities. The inaugural town hall included President Deb Roy, President-Elect Brad Giles, Senior Vice President Christine Sullivan, Vice President of Finance Linda Tapp, Directors-At-Large Maribeth Anderson, Joel Haight and Thom Kramer, and CEO Jennifer McNelly. They addressed issues such as the Society’s actions in response to revenue challenges during the pandemic and Safety 2021 in Denver.

The second event in this series took place on Nov. 23. The Board of Directors and members focused on gratitude and shared reflections about what members are most grateful for leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Look to ASSP Weekly for more information about future events in this series.

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