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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 3.1: Travel Expense Guidelines
Attachment A (travel expense report form)   

I. Policy Statement

ASSP reimburses reasonable and actual expenses for travel on official ASSP business in accordance with these guidelines. Reasonable efforts should be made to use the most practical and cost-efficient modes of transportation.

II. Authorization and Budgeting of Travel Expenses

A. The Vice President, Finance, and the Director, Finance resolve any disputes regarding this Society Operating Guideline for members and staff, respectively. They also review and approve/disapprove unbudgeted travel.

B. Society-level budget guidelines for travel expenses:

  • The Board of Directors and staff budget all travel expenses for specific programs within their respective committees, councils, or departments.
  • There is a separate (ASSP) travel budget for the Board of Directors to attend scheduled in-person board meetings.
  • Board Member travel guidelines are described in Society Operating Guideline 6.1.

C. These individuals are authorized to approve budgeted travel for the following:

Authorized Individual Budgeted Travel for
 Vice President, Finance  President
 Director, Finance  Board of Directors
 President  Chief Executive Officer
 Staff Liaison  Councils/Committee Members
 Direct Supervisor  Staff

D. Travel expenses for spouses or domestic partners of members and staff are not reimbursable, except as noted in SOG 6.1.

E. Travel expense reports are to be submitted within 30 days of travel using the ASSP travel expense report (see Attachment A). Expenses submitted more than 60 days after the end of the fiscal year will not be reimbursed. Always retain a copy of the report and any receipts submitted.

  • Committee members submit reports to the appropriate staff director. The staff director verifies, approves, and forwards to the Director, Finance.
  • Members of the Board of Directors submit reports to the Governance Manager to verify and forward to the Director, Finance.
  • Each individual submits a separate travel expense report. ASSP reimburses expenses purchased on behalf of others when these individuals are listed by name and identified as having official ASSP business.
  • Attach original receipts for all expenses over $25.
  • Include the issue date and fare class on all air travel receipts.
  • When completing the travel expense report, indicate the payee of the check and the address to which the check should be sent under “Make Check Payable to."

III. Air Travel

A. Air travel should be by the most direct and economical route that originates from the traveler's normal place of business and terminates at the meeting destination. Use discounted air travel whenever possible.

B. ASSP reimburses coach-class airfare. However, when any one scheduled international flight segment is longer than 6 hours, business class airfare may be allowed with preapproval from an authorized individual.

C. ASSP reimburses reasonable and actual fees imposed by airlines for checked baggage, etc.

D. Air travel purchases should be made at least 30 days in advance of the date of travel to take advantage of lower airfare rates. If tickets are purchased less than 30 days in advance, please provide an explanation for this to the authorized individual listed above when submitting the expense report.

  • ASSP reimburses reasonable cost charges including fees for changing a nonrefundable ticket when special circumstances arise resulting in changes to travel plans.

E. ASSP does not cover any expenses for air travel accident insurance.

IV. Ground Transportation

A. ASSP reimburses the use of personal automobiles for ASSP business at the IRS standard mileage rate. Reimbursement is calculated using the actual mileage from home to the ASSP meeting site and does not include travel to other locations. The reimbursement for personal vehicle use shall not exceed the cost of a 30-day advance purchase coach-class airfare only. Hypothetical or avoided costs are not considered.

A submitter requesting reimbursement for personal vehicle use in lieu of airfare shall be responsible for documenting the comparable advance purchase airfare cost. This documentation shall be prepared prior to the trip and included with the travel expense report. It should be noted that the ASSP recognizes that unusual situations will occur making personal vehicle use preferable to air travel. These situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the authorized individual listed above, preferably in advance of the trip.

B. ASSP reimburses reasonable parking and toll charges at actual cost. Hotel parking expense is not to exceed $40 per day.

C. ASSP will not reimburse transportation costs between the meeting site and a non-authorized lodging facility as described in Section V. below.

D. When using a personal automobile for Society-related business, drivers must possess minimum insurance coverage required by their resident state. (Insurance coverage of $100,000 for liability and $25,000 in property damage is recommended.)

E. Use the most practical and cost-effective mode of ground transportation when traveling to and from the airport and specific ASSP-related functions. Reimbursement of limousine/taxi/bus/shuttle fares for this purpose is at actual cost.

F. Automobile rentals are discouraged. Consider all relevant costs of car rental before obtaining preapproval from the authorized individual listed above.

G. ASSP does not reimburse for ground travel accident insurance, traffic fines or normally incurred commuting costs.

V. Lodging

A. ASSP reimburses the cost of a single room when it is not practical to arrive and depart on the same day of a scheduled meeting.

  • When ASSP arranges direct master billing, this payment covers the room rate and associated taxes only. Itemize separately all other reimbursable room charges on the expense report.
  • In-room Internet charges are reimbursable.

B. Lodging at another facility other than that selected by ASSP requires preapproval.

  • If approved, ASSP reimburses the room cost up to the rate negotiated with the ASSP-designated facility.

C. An extended stay associated with a discount airfare (e.g., over a Saturday night) or the inability to schedule a timely flight is reimbursable.

  • ASSP does not reimburse for expenses incurred for personal reasons or work outside of ASSP-related business.
  • ASSP does not reimburse laundry charges or personal entertainment expenses such as in-room bar or movies.
  • However, if there is an extended stay of more than seven days for ASSP business, reimbursement of laundry charges is allowed.

VI. Meals

A. ASSP reimburses for meals up to $100 per day total. This amount includes associated meal tips, not to exceed 20%. Depending on the event location, the Vice President, Finance, and the Director, Finance may adjust this daily meal total to accommodate geographical cost variances. Note that this is not a per diem.

B. ASSP reimburses meals purchased on behalf of others when these individuals are specifically listed by name and identified as having official ASSP business on the travel expense report in accordance with IRS guidelines.

C. ASSP does not reimburse for separate meals when there is a corresponding ASSP-scheduled meal function as part of the official meeting. When a meal is provided by ASSP, the total daily meal allowance will be decreased accordingly:


$25 or less


$25 or less


$50 or less


VII. Miscellaneous Expenses

A. Itemize and justify all miscellaneous travel expenses.

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