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Professional Safety Article of the Year


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1st place: Are My Workers Competent in EHS? Competency-Based Training to Improve Learning (December 2023), by Lori A. Schroth, D.B.A., M.S., CSP, CIT, CHSP, Eric J. St. Pierre, Ph.D., M.S., CSP, and Brandon J. Hody, M.S., CSP, CIT

2nd place: Prevention Through Ergonomics: Integrating Human Factors Into a Prevention Through Design Approach (June 2023), by Bruce K. Lyon, M.S., P.E., CSP, ARM, SMS, CHMM, FASSP, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, SMS, QEP, ARM, CMS, FASSP, FAIHA

3rd place (tie): Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication: Six Principles for OSH Professionals (May 2023), by Matt Law, Dr.PH., CSP, REHS

3rd place (tie): Emotional Intelligence: A Crucial Human Dynamic for OSH (December 2023), by E. Scott Geller, Ph.D.


1st place: The Legal Document and Evidence in Safety-Related Proceedings (September 2022), by Travis D. Livermore, J.D., CSP

2nd place: Who Cares If It's Recordable? How Misapplied Practices in OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Infringe on the Ethics of Care (June 2022), by Leslie Rex Stockel, CSP, SMS

3rd place: On the Concept of Risk, Uncertainty and Black Swans (March 2022), by Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, ARM, SMS, CHMM, FASSP, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, SMS, QEP, ARM, CMS, FASSP, FAIHA


1st Place: An Integrated Approach for Understanding, Correcting and Preventing Unsafe Acts (February 2021), by Charmaine Mullins-Jaime, Ph.D., CSP, CRSP, Samantha Case, M.P.H., ASP, and Jan K. Wachter, Sc.D., CSP, CIH

2nd Place (tie): Contractor Safety Prequalification: Background, Current Practice and New Paths (March 2021), by David W. Wilbanks, Ph.D., CSP, ARM

2nd Place (tie): Prevention Through Design: 2021 and Beyond (May 2021), by James W. Stanley and Michael A. Taubitz

3rd Place: Understanding the Biological Basis of Complacency (October 2021), by Sharon Lipinski


1st Place: The Role of Leading and Lagging Indicators in OSH Performance Management (August 2020), by Pamela Walaski, CSP

2nd Place: The Power of What If: Assessing and Understanding Risk (June 2020), by Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, SMS, ARM, CHMM, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, QEP, SMS, ARM, CMC, FAIHA

3rd Place: Safety in the Multigenerational Workplace (May 2020), by Rona Smeak, Ph.D., CSP


1st Place: Moving Risk Assessment Upstream to the Design Phase (November 2019), by Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, ARM, CHMM, David L. Walline, CSP, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, ASP, SMS, ARM, QEP, CMC

2nd Place: Perception Surveys: Development & Analysis to Study Safety Issues (October 2019), by Christopher A. Janicak, Ph.D., CSP, CEA, ARM, and Majed M. Zreiqat, Ph.D., ASP

3rd Place: Risk Treatment Strategies: Harmonizing the Hierarchy of Controls & Inherently Safer Design Concepts (May 2019), by Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, ARM, CHMM, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, ASP, SMS, ARM, QEP, CMC


1st Place: High Risk, Lone Worker: The Unacceptable Risk (July 2018) by Fred Straub, Ph.D., M.S., CSP, ARM

2nd Place: PTD Before Risk Assessment: A Historical Perspective (November 2018) by Mike Taubitz

3rd Place: Medical Marijuana: Addressing Impairment in the Workplace (August 2018) by Lori Schroth, Brandon Hody, Chris Chaffin, Elliot Laratonda and Greg Cook, from the ASSP Public Sector Practice Specialty


1st Place: Communicating & Managing Risk: The Key Result of Risk Assessment (November 2017)  by Bruce Lyon and Georgi Popov

2nd Place: Strategic Safety Measures: Seven Key Benefits (February 2017) by Earl Blair

3rd Place: Rightsizing Risk Management for Small & Medium Enterprises (June 2017) by Pamela Walaski


1st Place: The Art of Assessing Risk: Selecting, Modifying & Combining Methods to Assess Operational Risks (March 2016) by Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, ARM, CHMM, and Georgi Popov, Ph.D., QEP, CMC 

2nd Place: Major Risk: Moving From Symptoms to Systems Thinking (October 2016) by James Loud, CSP, CHMM

3rd Place: Safety Expectations: Finding a Common Denominator (July 2016) by Vladimir Ivensky, CSP, CIH


1st Place: Preventing Major Losses: Changing OSH Paradigms & Practices (Jan. 2015) by James M. Keane, M.S., ASHM

2nd Place: Improving Construction Safety: A Team Effort (June 2015) by John W. Mroszczyk, Ph.D., P.E., CSP 

3rd Place: Using Stories to Teach Safety: Practical, Research-Based Tips (May 2015) by Mitch Ricketts, Ph.D., CSP


1st Place: Fleet Safety: Developing & Sustaining an Effective Program With ANSI/ASSE Z15 (March 2014) by Brian S. Hammer, M.P.A., CDS, Stephanie G. Pratt, Ph.D., M.A., and Peggy Ross, M.S., R.N., CSP, COHN-S/CM, CPE

2nd Place: Prevention Through Design: Proven Solutions From the Field (November 2014) by Dave Walline, CSP

3rd Place: SH&E Problem Solving: Are Higher-Order Controls Ignored? (Feb. 2014) by Michael Behm, Ph.D., CSP, and Demetria Powell

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