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Master specific safety practice areas or enhance your leadership skills by enrolling in a variety of professional certificate programs developed by the American Society of Safety Professionals, the preferred source for education among safety professionals.

What Are ASSP’s Professional Certificate Programs?

Certificate_GettyImages-524380274_superCertificate programs are designed so professionals can take a series of courses related to certain occupational safety and health (OSH) topics or concepts, and become experts.

We offer six certificate programs, including:

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Professional Certificates vs. Certification:
What’s the Difference?

While earning one of ASSP’s professional certificates demonstrates your mastery of important OSH topics or leadership skills, doing so is different than earning a professional designation like the ASP or CSP from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, a separate but important accomplishment that we can also help you to achieve.

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Why Earn a Professional Certificate From ASSP?

ASSP has a long-standing reputation for delivering top quality safety education and training that members can immediately put into practice — giving you an advantage in your workplace, in your industry and in the safety profession.

  • Further your education to signify a commitment to your profession, potentially opening the door for more opportunities and higher earnings with current or potential employers
  • Acquire an area of technical OSH expertise, and become an indispensable asset and valuable resource to your team or future team
  • Quickly expand your professional network by learning alongside other safety professionals while obtaining your certificate

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ASSP Safety Management Certificates

Enhance your leadership skills and put yourself at the head of the pack with your choice of three safety management certificates from ASSP.

Safety Management_GettyImages-521697628_superCertificate in Safety Management

ASSP’s Certificate in Safety Management provides a forum to share challenges, craft solutions and implement the skills you need to position safety for success in your organization.

What will I learn?

Executive Program in Safety Management Certificate

This program is a natural extension to ASSP’s Certificate in Safety Management. Built for safety professionals looking to achieve the highest level of performance, the Executive Program features concepts and practice implementing contemporary safety management methods and developing influential leadership skills.

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Global Safety Management Certificate

With this certificate, you will be able to establish and maintain safe workplaces anywhere in the world. Through this program, you gain knowledge and skills to implement the most effective techniques in global safety and health management.

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ASSP Specialized Certificates

Diversify your OSH skill set with our specialized certificate programs, which focus on the industry’s most prevailing topics.

ISO 45001 Certificate

ASSP’s ISO 45001 Certificate Program focuses on the effective implementation of the global 45001 standard. The program offers a blended learning experience, including an online pre-course module and a three-day classroom course, that will give you the guidance to consistently implement effective safety management systems worldwide. 

What will I learn?

Managed Fall Protection Certificate

Fall-Protection_GettyImages-171267937As falls continue to be a leading cause of on-the-job injuries and fatalities, this program covers the ANSI/ASSE Z359.2 standard and the requirements for a comprehensive managed fall protection program, as well as other relevant and current issues surrounding fall protection. Note: This is not intended to be competent or qualified person fall protection training.

What will I be able to do?

Risk Assessment Certificate

The ASSP Risk Assessment Certificate will enable you to implement risk-based approaches and measures to proactively help your organization mitigate risk to prevent injuries or catastrophic events.

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Partner Programs

ASSP also offers a Certificate in Leadership and Professional Skills in partnership with University of New Brunswick (UNB). This self-paced, fully online program helps you strengthen business and professional skills that augment your education and experience as an occupational safety and health (OSH) professional.

To complete the certificate, within a two-year period, you must complete three required courses and four electives that cover gaining influence and emerging technical issues. In addition to earning college credit for each course completed, you will receive a certificate from ASSP and UNB upon completion of the full program.

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