We strive to elevate the safety profession and the individuals who choose it.

We set the occupational safety and health community’s standards for excellence and ethics. ASSP strives to uphold and elevate the value of the safety profession through innovation, thought leadership, and objective, data-driven, solutions-based safety and health practices.

Advocacy Announcements

Total Worker Health

Explore resources to help you better integrate safety and health to improve worker engagement and productivity.

Being a Safety Pro

Learn about the scope of the safety profession, academic programs and industry certifications.

Academic Standards

Learn about academic standards and accreditation and what they mean to the OSH profession.
Government Affairs

Government Affairs

We are committed to advocating for data-driven and solutions-based federal and state government decisions. Our member-driven initiatives ensure that safety professionals are part of the conversation.

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Be the Voice of Your Profession

Use ASSP’s Government Affairs toolkit to advocate for safety and be the voice for your profession.

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Return on Investment

Return on Investment in Safety

Our efforts to elevate the value of safety don’t stop with legislators. We also work to ensure that business leaders understand that sound safety practices are not only socially responsible but also good for business, leading to increased productivity, a better reputation and higher employee satisfaction.

What is safety's ROI?

Academic Standards

Academic Standards

We elevate the safety profession by setting the bar high for academic program standards in higher education to prepare the best and brightest future safety professionals.

Why education standards matter

Risk Assessment Institute

Risk Assessment and Total Worker Health

Our resources, tools and education related to risk assessment and total worker health helps position safety professionals as leaders in managing organizational risk and engaging workers, helping businesses proactively reduce worker injuries and prevent catastrophic events.

Risk assessment

Total Worker Health

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Alliances and Affiliations

ASSP engages and collaborates with key stakeholders in the occupational safety and health industry to advance safety in the workplace, and advocate for the safety profession.

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Position Statements

Policy and Position Statements

ASSP takes positions on public policy and regulatory affairs issues that affect the occupational safety and health industry and our members’ professional practice. Our policy positions are developed by members and used to educate government officials and other critical stakeholders.

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