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Society Guidelines

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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 1: Management Organization

1.1 Board of Directors - Position Descriptions

Section 2: Society Policies

2.1 Anti-Harassment
2.2 Policy and Procedures on Conflicts of Interest
2.3 ASSP Diversity Policy
2.4 ASSP Volunteer Social Media Policy

Section 3: Society Operations

3.1 Travel Expenses

Section 4: Advisory Group Operations

4.1 Advisory Group Operating Procedures

Section 5: Board of Directors Operations

5.1 Board Meetings
5.2 Appointment Procedures for Board Committees and Task Forces
5.3 E-mail Motions

Section 6: Board Committee Operations

Executive Committee

6.1 Board Business Travel Guidelines

Finance Committee

6.2 Operating Procedures
6.3 Operating Funds
6.4 Investment Policy
6.5 Development Fund Process
6.6 Risk Management Advisory Subcommittee Operating Procedures

Nominating and Elections Committee

6.7 Nomination and Election of Society Officers
6.8 Criteria for Candidates for Society Office
6.9 Accountability for Elected Officers
6.10 Campaigning for ASSP Office

Professional Conduct Committee

6.11 Professional Conduct Committee Operating Procedure

Governmental Affairs Committee

6.13 Governmental Affairs Committee Operating Procedures

Technical and Professional Recognition Committee

6.14 Technical and Professional Recognition Committee Operating Procedures

Public Director Nomination Committee

6.15 Public Director Nomination Committee

Standards Development Committee

6.16 Standards Development Committee Operating Procedures

Section 7: Council Operations

7.1 Communities

Section 8: Council on Region Affairs

8.1 Council on Region Affairs Operating Procedures
8.2 Region Operating Procedures
8.3 Region Assessments
8.4 Chapter Dues
8.5 Maintenance of Chapter Charter

Section 9: Council on Professional Development

9.1 Council on Professional Development Operating Procedures
9.2 PDC Planning Committee Operating Procedures
9.3 Technical Publications Advisory Committee Operating Procedures
9.4 Editorial Review Board Operating Procedures
9.5 Continuing Education Units

Section 10: Council on Practices and Standards

10.1 Council on Practices and Standards
10.2 Practice Specialty and Common Interest Group Operating Procedures
10.3 Practice Specialty and Common Interest Group Formation and Dissolution


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