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ASSP Strategic Plan

About ASSP

Our strategic plan provides a road map that will help us achieve continued excellence. All members contribute to helping us achieve our mission, advance our vision, demonstrate our values and accomplish the key goals identified in our plan. 

Our 2023-28 Strategic Plan

ASSP members in front of We Are Safety displayOur Mission

We are the community that protects people, property and the environment.   

  • Our mission reflects our role as the guardians of workplace safety. Our ultimate goal is to have all workers return home to their loved ones safe, healthy and well each day.  

Our Vision

Safety, health and well-being are inherent rights of every worker.   

  • Our vision is an ideal to which we aspire, recognizing that this work requires collaboration with regulatory bodies, businesses and nongovernmental organizations as well as our community of safety and health professionals.

Our Values 

Our CLEAR values guide our behavior, decisions and actions. 

  • Community: We provide a welcoming and collaborative environment that creates belonging and inclusivity for all.
  • Leadership: We exemplify integrity and empower others.
  • Excellence: We strive always to deliver our best.
  • Accountability: We are ethical, reliable and trustworthy in all we do.
  • Respect: We act with humility, listen to others and foster strong working relationships. 

Including these values in our strategic plan emphasizes our commitment to community and continued excellence.

Image depicting ASSP's CLEAR values and their meanings

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Our Strategic Focus 

As a trusted source for technical knowledge and evidence-based safety practices, we provide our diverse community of safety professionals with opportunities to develop relationships and skills that enhance their careers and help them influence how organizations demonstrate that they value the safety, health and well-being of all workers. 

Member Community

By bringing occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals together to share meaningful and valuable experiences, we support the future growth of ASSP, our members and the OSH profession 

Trusted Advisor 

As the world’s oldest safety society and a trusted source of information, we support OSH professionals, workers, employers and policy leaders in their efforts to manage ever-changing risks.   

Workforce Development 

Recognizing OSH is integral to organizational effectiveness, we develop tools and resources for OSH professionals and those in related fields to meet current business needs and anticipate trends

In his September message to all members, 2023-24 ASSP President Jim Thornton highlights the key elements of our plan.

Read the message

Our infographic also provides a quick snapshot of all the elements of our strategic plan.

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How We Use the Plan

We use our strategic plan as a framework to guide all decision-making:
  • Setting priorities
  • Aligning annual work of Advisory Group, councils and committees
  • Determining resource allocation
  • Guiding decisions on strategic partnerships

How We Measure Progress

We have identified strategies and tactics to achieve our goals:
  • Scheduled over time and informed by research and resources
  • Continuously assessing current programs and services to review results and adjust actions as needed based on factors such as impact, life cycle and profitability
Our strategic plan will continuously evolve as we learn from our experiences and gather new insights. By analyzing our results, we can refine our strategies, tactics and goals. This ongoing learning process ensures that we remain responsive to changes and can pivot our approach as needed. 


This strategic plan helps us set priorities, focus resources, strengthen operations and reaffirm our commitment to common goals. Volunteer your time, talents and expertise to advance safety and build our community.

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