The American Society of Safety Professionals and Grainger proudly recognize the achievements of our student sections, member communities specifically for students aspiring to be safety professionals.

What Is the Outstanding Student Section Award?

What Is the Outstanding Student Section Award

The Outstanding Student Section Award recognizes and encourages the activities of established ASSP student sections at colleges and universities, honoring those sections that make the most significant contributions toward advancing safety education and research.

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Honoree Benefits

ASSP presents a $6,000 award and plaque to the student section's school in honor of this award. Student sections that meet the annual minimum criteria but do not win this award will receive $500. Grainger sponsors these awards to recognize the initiatives of our dedicated student sections.

Application Requirements

ASSP student sections applying for this award must meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible for the award. They must:

  • Publish a newsletter at least four times during the academic year
  • Send at least one representative to a minimum of two parent-chapter general membership or executive committee meetings per year
  • Conduct at least six meetings per year, with four presenting technical content
  • Receive faculty advisor endorsement
  • Sponsor or participate in at least one community or campus involvement activity

Beyond meeting these minimum criteria, ASSP evaluates student sections applying for the award based on educational activities, student-section-sponsored research and application, community and campus involvement, recognition, member participation and endorsement.

Submission Guidelines

Due Date: April 1

To apply for this award, your ASSP student section must meet the minimum criteria and include evidence for each minimum requirement in the award application. Your section must:

  • Complete the OSSA Application.
  • Clearly and fully document how your section has met the minimum criteria. Failure to include evidence that addresses each minimum requirement will disqualify your application.
  • Submit the application as a single PDF to ASSP's Student Services by April 1. Late submissions are not accepted.


  • Review recent winning applications to guide your submission
    • 2017-18:  Indiana University Bloomington
    • 2016-17: Illinois State University
    • 2015-16: Indiana University Bloomington
    • 2014-15: Murray State University

Other Questions?

Please contact ASSP’s Member Communities staff.

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