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Global Operations Practice Specialty


Join our Global Operations Practice Specialty for access to a network of experts who manage safety programs and personnel in organizations with multiple facilities across the globe.

international_mainWho We Are

The Global Operations Practice Specialty provides our members an accessible, virtual network of peers focused on developing and sharing technical and professional content which can be applied to solve common challenges to becoming better safety professionals.

What We Do

We provide our members with networking opportunities and technical resources, offer education, and encourage mentorship and collaboration. We serve as an information resource within ASSP on all aspects of global operations related to occupational safety and health (OSH). Through sharing best practices our members enable others to more effectively manage risks and implement proactive solutions within their organizations.

Our members provide specific OSH information for their countries; provide awareness of laws/regulations related to OSH for members who are pursuing responsibilities in their country, and serve as resources to others interested in global best practices outside.

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Why It Matters

To help create a truly safe, strong future, we share innovative ideas and industry best practices that help organizations protect workers across the global supply chain. Through OSH management systems, we help global employers improve safety at their facilities around the globe, which leads to greater productivity, better reputations and higher employee satisfaction.

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Global Operations Practice Specialty Advisory Committee

Administrator Mohamed Khalaf, CSP, ASP, CIT

Advisory Committee Member Kathy A Seabrook, CSP, CFIOSH, EurOSHM, FASSP

Advisory Committee Member Ashok Garlapati, CSP, CFIOSH, QEP, FASSP

Advisory Committee Member Jitendra C Patel, CPEA, FASSP

Advisory Committee Member Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi, CSP, CFIOSH

Advisory Committee Member Subba Rao Palagummi, CSP, CMIOSH

Advisory Committee Member Sanjay Jaiswal, CSP, CIH, SMS, CIT

Awards & Honors Chair Lyndsey T Linnen, CSP, CRSP

Content Coordinator Raghuvaran Chakkravarthy

Government Affairs Chair Eldeen E Pozniak, CMIOSH, CRSP

Membership Chair Andrew Kapp, Ph.D., CSP, CHMM

Nominations & Elections Chair Carl W Heinlein, CSP, CPEA, CSHM, ARM, FASSP

Professional Development Chair Brian K Anderson, CFPS

Secretary Prabhakar Singh, CSP

Social Media Chair Oscar A Paredes, CHST, OHST

Social Media Chair Yashwanth Garlapati, CSP, CMIOSH

Staff Liaison Charlyn L Haguewood

Technical Question Coordinator Edwin Yap, M.S.

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Go beyond belonging to the International Practice Specialty and volunteer for a position on our Advisory Committee. Or, consider running to be elected as assistant administrator, which, after two years, leads to the office of administrator. As a volunteer leader, you can lend your time and expertise to our many initiatives, while developing transferable leadership and team-building skills. Leadership positions within ASSP help members reach their highest level of performance — both on the job and in the Society.

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