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Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty


Join our Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty for access to a network of professionals with expertise in the field, and relevant industry education and information.

Oil refinery at nightWho We Are

ASSP’s Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty member community is the premier resource for members seeking technical knowledge and expertise within the extractive industries.

What We Do

For ASSP members within the Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty, we provide the following:

  • Networking opportunities via social media groups, conference calls and in-person meetings like the annual Professional Development Conference so you can connect with top industry professionals.

Practice Specialty Recognition

  • Professional development opportunities, including oil-, gas- and mining-focused OSH education that you can immediately put into practice; mentor relationships that facilitate sharing knowledge; and volunteer and leadership opportunities to build your skills and enhance your resume.
  • Safety-related, relevant content and information that you can immediately implement as well as share with employers and colleagues to create safe and productive work environments.

Why It Matters

Workers in the extractive industries face a wide range of safety hazards that can produce serious or fatal injuries. This makes it especially important for you to have access to a network of safety professionals within the the oil, gas and mining industries who can provide real-world guidance and support, and can connect you to the latest technical content that offers direction on the unique challenges you face.

Find a Mentor

Through our mentorship program, we connect experienced safety professionals with those professionals who are new to oil, gas, mining and mineral safety positions or who aspire to obtain such positions. Our goal is to encourage and empower mentees to more effectively advance their careers through alignment with identified business objectives, skill development, career considerations and networking. Mentor and mentee applicants must be members of ASSP and the Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty.

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Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Advisory Committee

Administrator Jesse James McCathron

Advisory Committee Member Jeffrey P Jarvela, CSP, OHST

Advisory Committee Member Jeffrey M Citrone, CSP, CIH

Assistant Administrator Nicole Annette Coughlin, CSP

Awards & Honors Chair Jeffrey Bowen Gosney, CSP, CRSP, OHST

Content Coordinator Patrick Garland, CSP

Government Affairs Chair Josh Ortega, CSP

Membership Chair Dustin G Richartz, CSP, ARM

Mentoring Committee Jerry D Eubank, Ph.D., M.S., CSP, ASP

Nominations & Elections Chair Jerry D Eubank, Ph.D., M.S., CSP, ASP

Professional Development Chair Wayne Vanderhoof, CSP, CIT

Secretary Bradley Wayne Bishop, ASP

Social Media Chair Isidro Gutierrez, ASP, ARM, ALCM

Staff Liaison Charlyn L Haguewood

Standards Chair Ernest P Miranda, SMS, CIT

Technical Question Coordinator Jeffrey M Citrone, CSP, CIH

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Go beyond belonging to the Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty and volunteer for a position on our Advisory Committee. Or consider running to be elected as assistant administrator, which after two years leads to the office of administrator. As a volunteer leader, you can lend your time and expertise to our many initiatives while developing transferable leadership and team-building skills. Leadership positions within ASSP help members reach their highest level of performance, both on the job and in the Society.

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