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Committee Leadership Roles


Volunteer to serve on one of American Society of Safety Professionals' councils or committees to influence our direction, advance the safety profession as a whole and gain transferable leadership experience.

Committee Positions

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Advisory GroupPDF235.04 KB20 Apr, 2022 Download
AD Role DescriptionPDF121.17 KB18 May, 2018 Download
Annual Conference Planning CommitteePDF192.25 KB21 Feb, 2020 Download
ASSP Community InfluencerPDF280.77 KB21 Nov, 2019 Download
ASSP Foundation Next Generation BoardPDF163.79 KB04 Feb, 2021 Download
ASSP Foundation Academic Scholarship Review Task ForcePDF115.61 KB04 Feb, 2021 Download
ASSP Foundation Educational Framework Development Task ForcePDF172.75 KB10 Oct, 2022 Download
Chapter Operations CommitteePDF153.98 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Community Leader Training CommitteePDF151.83 KB21 Feb, 2020 Download
CoPS Awards and HonorsPDF75.29 KB01 Mar, 2022 Download
Council on Professional AffairsPDF153.08 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Council on Professional DevelopmentPDF153.00 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
CVP DescriptionPDF203.75 KB15 Aug, 2022 Download
Editorial Review BoardPDF297.65 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Finance CommitteePDF175.28 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Future Safety Leaders Conference CommitteePDF154.26 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Government Affairs CommitteePDF153.24 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Leadership Conference Planning CommitteePDF153.54 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Membership Development CommitteePDF151.36 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Nominations & Elections CommitteePDF76.44 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
OSSA CommitteePDF154.93 KB21 Nov, 2019 Download
Outstanding Student Section Award CommitteePDF230.31 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Professional Conduct CommitteePDF170.46 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Risk Assessment CommitteePDF153.37 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
RVP Role DescriptionPDF266.90 KB18 May, 2018 Download
Standards CommitteesPDF132.10 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Standards Development CommitteePDF152.95 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
Technical & Professional Recognition CommitteePDF75.00 KB13 Feb, 2024 Download
Technical Publications Advisory CommitteePDF152.30 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
VP_CoPS_Role_DescriptionPDF203.75 KB13 Oct, 2022 Download

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