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Active Shooter Technical Report


No business can be completely prepared for violent events such as an active shooter or armed assailant, but smart workplace strategies go a long way in reducing threats and saving lives.

What Is the Active Shooter/Armed Assailant Technical Report

ASSP TR-Z590.5-2019 provides guidance from safety experts on proactive steps businesses can take to reduce the risk of an active shooter, prepare employees and ensure a coordinated response should a hostile event occur. It also provides post-incident guidance and best practices for implementing a security plan audit.

Active shooter fatalities spiked to 729 deaths in 2017, more than three times our country’s previous high. A business must know where its threats and vulnerabilities exist. Our consensus-based document contains recommendations on how a business in any industry can better protect itself in advance of such an incident. Based on the collaborative work of more than 30 professionals experienced in law enforcement, industrial security and corporate safety compliance, the report aims to drive a higher level of preparedness against workplace violence.

Active Shooter: Microlearning Video Series

Active shooter incidents are a growing problem in the U.S. and every workplace is vulnerable. No job is without risk.

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Safety Practices, Procedures & Training-01Why Use the Active Shooter/Armed Assailant Technical Report

Safety professionals can use the ASSP TR-Z590.5 Technical Report as a blueprint to help employers to identify threats and vulnerabilities so they can implement measures that protect the safety and health of their employees. The technical report covers a wide range of topics, including assessing risk, developing a comprehensive prevention plan, training and communicating with your employees, responding to an incident, developing post-incident procedures and conducting ongoing audits of the plan.

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