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Employer Justification


Invest in your workers' safety by paying for your safety staff's membership in the American Society of Safety Professionals. You will see a return on the investment for your business and improve your employees’ well-being.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Safety

Sound safety practices are both socially responsible and good business. Research and industry experience suggest that organizations that invest in occupational safety and health (OSH) experience a return on their investment. Returns stem from:

  • Increased productivity among employees
  • A positive reputation among employees, clients and prospects
  • Higher employee satisfaction

Your safety professionals will get real value from belonging to ASSP. That’s why 50 percent of our members currently have their membership fees either reimbursed or paid by their employer. Our members are dedicated to creating safe work environments by preventing workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. We share our members' dedication, and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals by providing a vibrant community of people who provide great resources, delivering top-quality continuing education and promoting industry best practices through consensus standards and evidence-based approaches to OSH.

A Worthwhile Investment

Your organization will receive many benefits when you invest in ASSP membership for your safety team. A large percentage of our members' employers already recognize this value and pay for membership fees. By supporting your team's ASSP membership, at an average cost of about $200 a year per member, your organization will experience increased productivity, achieve a better reputation and deliver higher employee satisfaction.

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Take Advantage of Group Rates

With an ASSP group membership, you can track your team’s development, receive discounts on ASSP events, demonstrate value to your organization and more. With your group membership of 10 or more, ASSP will provide:

  • Unified billing: You will receive one annual invoice for all memberships in your organization, and everyone in your group will have the same membership start/end date. This will help with budget and expense management.
  • Discounts on ASSP events: This includes a discount for our on-site professional development courses. We send an ASSP-approved instructor directly to your site.
  • Annual CEU Reports: That way, you can see which services your members use and who is active, all while maintaining/growing your team’s certifications.

Contact ASSP's Business Development staff or call +1 847-768-3446 for more information on group rates. 

How ASSP Can Advance Safety at Your Organization

For more than 100 years, we have provided industry-leading information and education, a community of peers and resources and opportunities to help advance worker safety within the organizations where ASSP members are employed. Membership not only benefits OSH professionals, it benefits the organizations they serve, too. 

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Education, Training and Standards

Ensure that your organization's safety program is founded on systems that positively impact your business and protect your employees. We have a long-standing reputation of providing top-quality safety education and training to ASSP members that they can immediately use at your organization.

In addition, we are a leader in evolving and developing voluntary industry standards that reflect recognized best practices, both in the United States and globally.

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When the safety professionals at your organization can connect with others locally, in your industry or with others who share a common interest, it increases their access to best practices and improves their ability to solve problems. We represent OSH professionals in all industries, connecting ASSP members in similar circumstances and across age, gender and ethnicity so they can share resources and achieve the highest levels of performance.

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Content and Information

Business is always changing, and so are the workplace hazards that put your business at risk. It’s critical that safety professionals have access to the latest information and practices regarding workplace safety so they can integrate what they learn into programs that protect your workers and improve your business.

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of what we do — providing ASSP members with valuable insight through access to highly regarded publications, continuing education, and a vast community of peers, resources and networking.

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Awards, Certifications and Credentials

Awards, Certifications and Credentials

When the safety professionals in your organization attain well-known industry certifications and credentials or earn industry awards, it doesn’t just validate them. It also validates your organization and its commitment to excellence. About 65 percent of safety professionals with the CSP designation, considered the gold standard certification in the OSH industry, are ASSP members. We help safety professionals prepare for certification exams, earn certificates to enhance their expertise and work toward esteemed awards and honors.

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Safety Advocacy

ASSP is committed to advancing the safety profession and industry as a whole by offering proactive government affairs programs at the federal and state levels, leading a global conversation on recommended competencies and credentials for safety practitioners and professionals and working to make occupational safety a key element in corporate sustainability initiatives and reporting.

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