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COPS Recognition Award


Our member communities help advance the American Society of Safety Professionals and the safety profession in many ways.
What is the Council on the Practices and Standards Recognition Award?

What Is the Council on the Practices and Standards Recognition Award

ASSP practice specialties and common interest groups represent specific occupational safety and health (OSH) industries or disciplines. These groups are an important part of our vibrant community — helping members to grow personally and professionally through education, networking, mentoring and advocacy. As such, we recognize those groups that fulfill this mission on behalf of the Society — further incentivizing them to provide quality service to members.

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Honoree Benefits

We recognize common interest groups and practice specialties that achieve recognition on the ASSP website and receive an award recognizing their achievement.

Nominee Requirements

All common interest groups and practice specialties are eligible for recognition. They are evaluated on criteria such as:

  • Member value, engagement and recognition
  • Professional Development offerings
  • Leadership development to build a sustainable community

Submission Guidelines

Due Date: June 30
Our common interest groups and practice specialties complete an annual performance report that indicates how well they met basic standards of excellence. The Council on Practices and Standards evaluates these reports to assess how significantly each community provided value to its virtual members, as well as the amount of work involved in its activities.


Common interest groups and practice specialty leaders: Use the Community Annual Management and Planning Tool (required member login).

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