Volunteer to serve on one of the American Society of Safety Professionals councils or committees to influence our direction, advance the safety profession as a whole and gain transferable leadership experience.

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ASSP’s five councils and many committees are the governing bodies that, along with support from ASSP staff, spearhead the many initiatives, programs and services that benefit our organization, support our members and advance the safety profession as a whole.

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Why Serve on Our Councils and Committees

Serving on an ASSP council or committee gives you an excellent opportunity to voice your insights and influence decisions related to ASSP operations while guiding our broader agenda on worker safety and advancing the safety profession. In addition, serving on our councils and committees is an excellent way for you to grow into future ASSP and industry leadership roles.

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Our Councils and Committees

Our many different councils and committees focus on topics that range from ASSP membership development and Society leadership elections, to industry-wide safety standards, legislation and professional conduct. Our volunteer-led councils and committees include:

Standing Committees

  • Bylaws Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Nominations and Elections Committee
  • Professional Conduct Committee

Member Communities

  • Council on Region Affairs
  • Chapter Operations
  • Education and Training
  • Future Safety Leaders Conference Subcommittee
  • Membership Development
  • Leadership Conference


  • Council on Academic Affairs and Research
  • Council on Professional Development
  • Editorial Review Board
  • Professional Development Conference Planning Committee
  • Technical Publications Advisory Committee


  • Council on Professional Affairs
  • Educational Standards Committee
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Technical/Professional Recognition Committee
  • Risk Assessment Committee


  • Council on Practices and Standards
  • Practice Specialties, Branches and Common Interest Groups
  • Standards Development Committee
  • ANSI Standards Development Committee

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ASSP has a wide range of volunteer opportunities in areas related to membership, standards, education and advocacy.

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Volunteer Leadership

Our councils and committees truly are an opportunity for you to become a future leader of ASSP and the safety industry. Council and committee leaders not only learn and grow from their leadership responsibilities, but they also gain access to professional development and training opportunities that can benefit their careers. Council vice presidents are elected positions while committee leaders are appointed.

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