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Share your safety-related jokes, anecdotes, favorite quotes and safety photos for inclusion in the “By the Way” section of Professional Safety. Content in this section is intended to be lighthearted and a break from the mundane. Be sure to include your contact information for follow-up questions and recognition.

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Even if you aren't yet ready to become a published ASSP author, you can still share your safety experiences and earn recognition for your expertise by being a resource for Professional Safety, the top-ranked member benefit and widely read industry publication. Contribute story ideas, or potentially serve as a future source with quotes and insight for articles that align with your expertise and are being written by other members.

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OSH Generations

Many OSH professionals have parents or children who are also in the profession. Did your son or daughter follow in your footsteps? Did a parent’s involvement in the safety profession encourage you to follow in their footsteps? ASSP would like to hear from you. These stories are often featured in Society Update or used for other communications.

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