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consultants_mainWho We Are

ASSP’s Consultants Practice Specialty member community is geared toward ASSP members who are occupational safety and health (OSH) consultants and serve organizations either internally or externally to make workplaces safer. We aim to provide the necessary education and networking opportunities you need to stay abreast of technical OSH information, as well as business management insight for operating a consulting firm.

What We Do

For ASSP members within the Consultants Practice Specialty, we provide the following:

  • Networking opportunities via social media groups, conference calls and in-person meetings like the annual Professional Development Conference so you can connect with top industry professionals
  • Professional development opportunities, including OSH and business management education geared toward safety consultants, and volunteer and leadership opportunities to build your skills and enhance your resume
  • Relevant content that can be put into practice and shared with your clients or organization to create safe, productive work environments that improve company reputation

Why It Matters

By keeping you informed of the latest technical OSH information, we know you’ll be better equipped to serve your clients or employer regarding their safety initiatives. Further, if you operate or work for an external OSH consulting firm, our education around the unique demands of running a business, such as marketing, accounting, insurance, and networking with others in a similar position — are tremendously valuable.

Consultants Practice Specialty Mentor Program

Our mentoring program helps connect experienced safety consultants and those professionals who are newer to the safety consulting field, so each party can gain knowledge and skills relevant to both the occupational safety and health field and consulting practice. Mentor and mentee applicants must be members of ASSP and the Consultants Practice Specialty.

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How to Join

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Get the latest news from the Consultants Practice Specialty, including meeting updates, future engagements and education, requests for volunteers, and calls for action or advocacy.

  • Consultants PSLogo

    Administrator's Message: Professional Membership and Speaking at Safety 2019

    Jun 15, 2018
    Consultants Practice Specialty Administrator Carol Keyes explains how to qualify for and benefit from becoming a professional member. She also encourages you to submit a proposal to speak at Safety 2019 in New Orleans, LA.
  • SU_VicToy

    Victor Toy Receives 2018 Standards Medal

    Jun 01, 2018
    Victor Toy, M.P.H., CSP, CIH, FAIHA, is the recipient of the 2018 Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal. Toy is being recognized for advancing occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) globally.
  • SalarySurvey_GettyImages-694415748

    Salary survey pinpoints value of certifications for safety and health professionals

    May 24, 2018
    ASSE and BCSP conducted a 33-question salary survey in March of nearly 10,000 safety, health and environmental professionals based primarily in the United States and Canada, identifying the typical salary, benefits, credentials and experience of these individuals. The median base salary for full-time professionals was $97,000.
  • SafetyLeadership_GettyImages-809979726

    New workplace safety books available at Safety 2018 in San Antonio

    May 24, 2018
    Two new occupational safety and health books debut at Safety 2018. Available for purchase will be "Safety Leadership and Professional Development," edited by Richard Olawoyin and Darryl C. Hill, and "Fred Manuele on Safety Management," written by Fred Manuele and edited by Professional Safety’s Tina Angley.​
  • How to Address Reproductive Health in the Workplace

    How to Address Reproductive Health in the Workplace

    May 16, 2018
    Global conversations about reproductive health in the workplace are changing, and some occupational safety and health professionals are taking steps to close the significant gaps in the industry’s understanding of how to support a large employee population: parents.


Leadership Opportunities

Go beyond belonging to the Consultants Practice Specialty and volunteer for a position on our advisory committee. Or, consider running to be elected as assistant administrator, which, after two years, leads to the office of administrator. As a volunteer leader, you can lend your time and expertise to our many initiatives, while developing transferable leadership and team-building skills. Leadership positions within ASSP help members reach their highest level of performance, both on the job and in the Society.

Interested in leading?

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Need help?

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Consultants Practice Specialty Advisory Committee

Administrator Carol A Keyes, CSP

Advisory Committee Member Deborah B Shewitz, CSP

Advisory Committee Member David K Smith, CSP, ARM

Advisory Committee Member Carol J Robinson, CSP, CIH

Advisory Committee Member Deborah R Roy, RN, COHN-S, CET, CSP

Advisory Committee Member Pamela J Walaski, CSP, CHMM

Assistant Administrator Andrew W Johnson, CSP

Assistant Awards & Honors Chair Deborah B Shewitz, CSP

Awards & Honors Chair Deborah R Roy, RN, COHN-S, CET, CSP

Content Coordinator Alexis F Westin, MSC, OHST, ASP

CoPS Body of Knowledge Chair Daniel J Snyder, CSP, SMS, CET

Government Affairs Chair J Terrence Grisim, CSP, ARM, CDS, CPSM

Membership Chair Gregory G Zigulis, CSP, CIH

Mentoring Committee Carol J Robinson, CSP, CIH

Mentoring Committee David K Smith, CSP, ARM

Mentoring Committee Chris Ross, CSP, OHST

Nominations & Elections Chair J Terrence Grisim, CSP, ARM, CDS, CPSM

Professional Development Chair Abigail M Ferri, CSP

Secretary Carol J Robinson, CSP, CIH

Secretary Dhruti P Thaker, CSP, ARM

Social Media Chair Alexis F Westin, MSC, OHST, ASP

Staff Liaison Charlyn L Haguewood

Technical Question Coordinator Carol A Keyes, CSP

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