Committees and Committee Members


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The volunteer leaders on councils and committees drive the initiatives, programs and services we deliver to members of the American Society of Safety Professionals.

Future Safety Leaders Conference Committee

Chair Rick Sanders, CSP

Member Denis M Baker, CSP

Staff Liaison Susan Clark

Staff Liaison Latrice Rone

Leadership Conference Committee

Member David A Driver, CSP

Member John C Suter, CSP, CIH, ARM

Member Mary J Stine, ASP

Staff Liaison Arielle Semmel

Vice President, Region Affairs Steven B Gray, CSP, CHST

Standards Development Committee

Standards Committee Administrative Support Timothy R Fisher, CSP, CHMM, ARM, CPEA

Standards Committee Administrative Support Ovidiu Munteanu

Standards Committee Administrative Support Lauren Bauerschmidt, CSP

Standards Committee Chair Brian S Hammer, CDS

Standards Committee Member Amy M Timmerman, CSP

Standards Committee Member Elbert Sorrell, Ed.D., CSP

Standards Committee Member Kathleen Dobson, CSP, CHST, SMS, STSC

Standards Committee Member Danyle R Hepler, CSP, CPEA

Standards Committee Member Thomas P Trauger, CSP, ARM

Standards Committee Vice Chair Leo J DeBobes, CSP, CPEA, CIT

Outstanding Student Section Award Evaluation Committee

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