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2023 Society Elections Final Slate of Candidates

Board of Directors

The succession of candidates from Senior Vice President to President-Elect and President-Elect to President is automatic. Therefore, James Thornton and Pamela Walaski will not appear on the actual ballot

Council Vice President

Vice President, Practices & Standards

Region Vice President

Assistant Administrator Practice Speciality

Assistant Administrator – Consultants Practice Specialty

Assistant Administrator – Oil, Gas, Mining & Mineral Resources Practice Specialty

Assistant Administrator – Risk Management  Practice Specialty

Assistant Administrator – Engineering Practice Specialty

Assistant Administrator – Public Sector Practice Specialty

Area Director

Area Director – Region II Area A

Area Director – Region V Area 1

Area Director – Region VII Area North

Area Director – Region IX Area 2

Area Director – Region III Area South

Area Director – Region VI Area North

Area Director – Region VII Area Central


Information on positions still accepting nominations can be found here.

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