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ASSP Elections


The Nominations & Elections Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2024 Society election.

2024 Society Elections Results

Board of Directors

The succession of candidates from Senior Vice President to President-Elect and President-Elect to President is automatic. Therefore, Pam Walaski and Linda Tapp did not appear on the actual ballot.

Council Vice President

Vice President, Professional Development

Region Vice President

Vice President - Region II Vice President - Region V
Vice President - Region VI

Assistant Administrator PS/CIG

Assistant Administrator - Construction Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Ergonomics Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Environmental Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Management Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Military Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Training & Communications Practice Specialty
Assistant Administrator – Emerging Professionals Common Interest Group Assistant Administrator – Hispanic Safety Professionals Common Interest Group Assistant Administrator – Women in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group

Area Director

Area Director – Region I Area A Area Director – Region I Area C Area Director – Region III Area North Area Director – Region IV Area North Florida/Georgia
Area Director – Region IV Area Alabama / Mississippi Area Director – Region VIII Area Empire Area Director – Region IX Area I
Find information on positions still accepting nominations here.

Candidate Requirements

ALL POSITIONS: The experiences, characteristics and qualifications in potential candidates for elected ASSP positions are outlined in SOG 6.8. These are in addition to any required qualifications specified in the ASSP bylaws or role descriptions.

BOARD OF DIRECTOR POSITIONS: ASSP seeks to develop a Board of Directors that has a strategic combination of demonstrated knowledge skills & abilities, personal attributes, knowledge/expertise and competencies that ensure that our Board, has a diversity of experiences, perspectives, information, connections, and skills to carry out the mission of the organization. The required and desired competencies for the 2024  Board of Director Candidates can be found here.

ASSP reserves the right to limit volunteer participation of any member who serves in a volunteer or leader capacity with competitors in order to lessen conflict of interests and maintain confidentiality.

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