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Heat Stress and Cold Stress: Responses and Recommendations

Sponsored by Bulwark. Millions of U.S. workers are exposed to hot and cold temperatures in their workplaces. There are many questions regarding FR/AR clothing and what to do in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Bulwark Protections’ Derek Sang shares expert insight on the effects of cold stress and heat stress and offer guidance on what employers can do to keep their workers safe in these extreme conditions. ( Recorded June 17, 2021)


Benchmarking Panel on Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs)

Sponsored by Grainger. Recorded on April 20, 2021, this is the second webinar in the new Environmental Health and Safety webinar series focused on serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) presented by Grainger in collaboration with the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).


Possible impact of New Steven’s Agreement on other areas of Fall Protection

In this webinar recorded on May 4, 2021 as part of the National Fall Protection Stand-down Week, three experts from the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Fall Protection Committee discussed OSHA’s Ned Stevens settlement and its potential impact on the residential roofing industry. This settlement outlines specific requirements related to fall protection and OSHA’s requirements for specific documentation, training and procedures. Our panellists share best practices from the Z359 Fall Protection Code to help your organization better protect workers at height.


Ethics in OSH Education

In this webinar recorded, April 15, 2021, Jan K. Wachter, professor in the Safety Sciences Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, explains the basics of ethics within the OSH profession. He discusses ethics as a necessary area of study for the OSH professional and how to educate OSH students and professionals on ethics. He explores the use of situational context and student participation to understand and apply various approaches to professional ethical decision-making.


Serious Injuries and Fatalities: What’s the Problem and What Can You Do About It?

Sponsored by Grainger. This webinar recorded on March 30, 2021 is part of Grainger’s new Environmental Health and Safety webinar series focused on serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) and solutions Grainger provides. Presented in collaboration with ASSP, this webinar provides a high-level overview of SIF exposures.


Tyndale - ASSP Webinar

Safe Sourcing and Care of AR/FR Clothing: What to Look For

Do you have questions about how to safely source and care for arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing, or know someone in your organization who does? Join in as Tim Fisher, Director of Standards and Technical Services at American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) and Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical at Tyndale talk through what to look for, answer questions, and give an overview on industry standards, laundering, and more in this interview-style Q&A discussion. ( Recorded December, 10, 2020)


Business Skills and Leadership

The Superheroes of Safety Training Answer Your Questions

Hear expert insights related to the trainer, material and delivery, then listen to questions from OSH professionals! Get tips on timing, tone and delivery, guidance on completing a needs assessment and more. (Recorded March 19, 2021)


The New View: Safety Professionals as Change Agents

A challenge for any organization is how to initiate, implement and sustain change. As a safety professional, you can be a change agent. Explore change management tools and methods, and take away tips to help build your competencies in leading effective safety change.


Getting a Seat in the C-Suite: What Every Safety Pro Should Know

Learn the indispensable tactics every safety professional needs to be effective. Hear how to connect with senior leadership at your organization and learn everything you've been missing when it comes to communicating with your senior leadership.


OSHA Webinars

What Can You Expect From OSHA in the New Administration

In this webinar recorded, March 18th, 2020, ASSP Government Affairs Committee Chair Jim Thornton discusses what to expect from OSHA in the new administration. We focus on changes we expect to see in federal agencies such as OSHA in the coming months and how that might affect you and your organization.


OSHA’s Most Commonly Cited COVID-19 Standards

In this webinar recorded, March 4, 2021, we are joined by two legal experts on the standards OSHA is citing most frequently during COVID-related inspections. Our panellists discuss why those standards are topping the list and what steps OSH professionals and their organization can take to ensure they are following OSHA guidelines to protect their workers from COVID-19. We also discuss how OSHA will likely continue to enforce COVID-19 protections under the new administration.


OSHA Reporting & You

When it comes to OSHA reporting, there are many details to remember and requirements to address. Not complying with them can be an expensive mistake for your company. Join Zach Pucillo, CSP, CHMM, KPA’s environmental health and safety team supervisor, as he guides you through OSHA’s injury and illness reporting requirements so you can be confident when submitting your annual OSHA report this March. ( Recorded February 25, 2021)


OSHA-ASSP Silica Compliance Directive and Emphasis

This webinar recorded, November 4th, 2020, aims to increase awareness of OSHA’s national emphasis program focusing on silica compliance. The goal is to identify and reduce or eliminate worker exposures to respirable crystalline silica in general industry, maritime and construction.


OSHA-ASSP National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

This webinar recorded, September 17, 2020, aims to increase fall hazard awareness in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries. This webinar focuses on the need for comprehensive fall protection management programs within the construction industry.


OSHA-ASSP Leading and Lagging Indicators

This webinar recorded, August 13, 2020, aims to increase awareness of leading indicators as a valuable tool to help improve your safety or health program, regardless of what you have included in your program, or what stage you may be at in your program.


OSHA-ASSP Trench Safety Stand Down

In this webinar recorded, June 18, 2020, during the National Trench Safety Stand Down, OSHA’s Scott Ketcham provides an overview of the National Trench Safety Stand Down, now in its fourth year.


Council on Academic Affairs and Research Webinar

Is Our Safety Teaching Leading and Informing Industrial Practice or Just Following Along Behind?

Hosted by ASSP's Council on Academic Affairs and Research, this webinar with Drew Rae of the Safety Science Innovation Lab provides a rich discussion about safety science as an academic field; the theories that shape the field; and how these theories explain and support practical elements of safety education.

Math Toolbox

Math Toolbox is a regular column in PSJ written by Mitch Ricketts, Ph.D., CSP, an associate professor in the Environmental Health and Safety Management program at Northeastern State University. It aims to help occupational safety and health professionals apply STEM principles to everyday safety issues and overcome apprehension about math and science. The series employs various communication strategies to make the learning process easier and more accessible.

If you need a simple and effective way to identify hazards, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is the way to go. Learn how to create and use your own in five steps.

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Risk control phone surveys are a critical component of risk control services, but they are often overlooked or rushed. These three steps can ensure your surveys are properly researched before you pick up the phone.

This information is for OSH professionals who are based in California or have locations in California but are based elsewhere. California has many safety regulations that are different from those in other states. Start getting ready for your Cal/OSHA inspection in less than three minutes.

This information is for OSH professionals who are based in Minnesota or have locations in Minnesota but are based elsewhere. Minnesota has many safety regulations that are different from those in other states.

Like any new experience, getting started in occupational safety and health can be intimidating. Here are four tips to help OSH professionals succeed.


Construction tailgate meetings set the tone for the entire day or week on a jobsite. They are an important time to connect with workers and discuss ways to be safer on the job. Here are four steps to help you lead a successful construction tailgate meeting.


Hard hats are crucial for head protection and should be inspected every day before starting work. Luckily, the process is as easy as one, two, three.

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