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Confined Spaces (Z117.1)


Confined spaces are found in nearly every work environment. These spaces can expose workers to hazards related to oxygen deficiency, and toxic or combustible atmospheres.

What Is the Confined Spaces Standard

The ANSI/ASSP Z117.1 standard provides minimum safety requirements to be followed while entering, exiting and working in confined spaces at normal atmospheric pressure. The standard also provides guidance for identifying and evaluating a confined space, permit-required and non-permit-required confined spaces, and worker training.

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Safety Practices, Procedures & Training-01Why Use the Confined Spaces Standard

Safety professionals can use the ANSI/ASSP Z117.1 standard to help employers establish procedures that protect the safety and health of employees who work in, and in connection with, confined spaces. The standard covers a wide range of topics, including atmospheric testing, isolation and lockout/tagout, ventilation, cleaning and decontamination, protective equipment and rescue.

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