Each year, we seek out members interested in advancing the safety profession through service to our organization.

Lead the Way

Serving in a ASSP leadership position enables you to develop your personal leadership and business skills while contributing your leadership and vision to ASSP to keep it at the forefront of helping occupational safety and health professionals protect people and property.

We have several positions available, based on your area of interest, experience and skill set. Criteria for the positions listed below are contained in Society Operating Guideline 6.33. You must be a professional member of ASSP to be eligible. Volunteer leaders may not hold elected offices concurrently.

The call for nominations for ASSP's 2019 election will open June 2018.

Current Open Positions

ASSE Board of Directors

  • Senior Vice President
  • Director–At–Large

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Council Vice Presidents

  • Vice President, Region Affairs (three-year term)
  • Vice President, Professional Affairs (two-year term)

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Regional Vice Presidents & Area Directors

  • Region I (one-year term)
  • Region III (three-year term)
  • Region V (two-year term)
  • Region VII (three-year term)
  • Region IX (three-year term)
  • Region I, Area 2 (three-year term)
  • Region II, Area B (three-year term)
  • Region IV, Louisiana (three-year term)
  • Region IV, South Florida (three-year term)
  • Region V, Area 2 (three-year term)
  • Region VI, Southern Area (three-year term)
  • Region VIII, Metro Area (three-year term)
  • Region VIII, Keystone Area (three-year term)

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Practice Specialties – Assistant Administrators

  • Academics Practice Specialty
  • Consultants Practice Specialty
  • Engineering Practice Specialty
  • Manufacturing Practice Specialty
  • Oil, Gas, Mining & Mineral Resources Practice Specialty
  • Public Sector Practice Specialty
  • Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty
  • Utilities Practice Specialty

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Common Interest Groups –  Assistant Administrators

  • Blacks in Safety Excellence
  • Young Professional in OSH

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