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ASSP is the place to learn about jobs in the occupational safety and health (OSH) profession, identify the types of continuing education you need to further your career in safety, build your professional network and find a mentor.

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If you are looking for a rewarding career, the safety profession is for you. You will help create safe workplaces that protect employees and foster healthy organizational cultures that help workers be productive and engaged.

ASSP provides information on selecting the right academic program, offers continuing education to help you advance your career, and offers a variety of resources, including scholarships and grants through the ASSP Foundation, to help you along your career path.

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By the Way, This Is Not the Way

ASSP and its members take safety seriously, advancing and exercising workplace safety best practices every day. Still, our members often spot unsafe practices in the workplace and capture them on camera. We share these not-so-safe moments as a reminder of the importance of working safely.

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Read the ASSP president's thoughts on the safety profession.

ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.