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Refresh your mathematics knowledge, build your ability to perform key calculations and head confidently into your certification exams.

About This Course

This course helps you prepare for the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification exams. You will become familiar with the types of math required and have opportunities to practice solving challenging math questions.

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Course Format

This one-day course consists of instruction, sample problems and discussions on a variety of subjects to prepare you to pass the exam. Class begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 4:30 p.m. each day.

What You Will Learn

We will cover the following mathematical topics and concepts to prepare you for certification exams:

  • Operate a scientific calculator
  • Perform SI and English conversions of mass, length and time
  • Perform multi-step conversions (e.g., converting miles per hour to feet per second, pounds to micrograms)
  • Perform number manipulation (e.g., exponents, scientific notation, significant digits, answer accuracy and rounding, logarithms)
  • Calculate area, circumference and volume
  • Graph two-dimensional linear, exponential, trigonometric and logarithmic functions
  • Apply algebraic laws and concepts and complete word problems
  • Figure right angles, perform trigonometry functions and complete word problems

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Materials Provided

Course participants will receive:

  • .7 CEUs
  • Study outline
  • Workbooks and practice problems
  • Suggested resources and study aids
  • Guidance on areas where you need additional preparation
  • Guidance on using the TI-30X IIS Multiview scientific calculator

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