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Walking/Working Surfaces (A1264)


Standards for walking/working surfaces establish provisions for safe working and walking environments where the potential for falls, slips and trips exists because of surface characteristics and conditions.

What Are Walking/Working Surfaces Standards?

The ANSI/ASSP A1264 standards aim to protect people who work in industrial and workplace settings that present the hazard of people or objects falling from elevated walking and work surfaces such as floor, roof or wall openings, platforms, runways, ramps, fixed stairs or roofs in normal, temporary and emergency conditions.

A1264Why Use Walking/Working Surfaces Standards?

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. and are one of the most cited workplace safety violations. Workplace falls can result in serious injuries and fatalities, and cause secondary events. Slips and trips also are a common cause of injury and typically involve footwear bottom and floor material. Applying the guidance in the ANSI/ASSP A1264 standards can lead to better protection of workers at height and improved slip resistance on walkway surfaces.

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