Past ASSP Election Results


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Our volunteer leaders help shape ASSE’s future direction and are dedicated to helping our organization grow, improve and succeed.

2019 Election Results

Board of Directors

President Diana M. Stegall, CSP, CFPS, ALCM, ARM, CPCU
President-Elect Deborah R. Roy, M.P.H., RN, COHN-S, CET, CSP, FAAOHN
Senior Vice President Bradley Giles, P.E., CSP, STS, GIOSH
Director-At-Large Thomas E. Kramer, P.E., CSP

Council Vice Presidents

Vice President, Academic Affairs and Research Michael Behm, Ph.D., CSP
Vice President, Region Affairs Steven B. Gray, CSP, CHST
Vice President, Professional Affairs C. Gary Lopez, M.S., CSP

Region Vice Presidents

Vice President, Region I James Boretti, CSP
Vice President, Region III Jim Rainwater, M.S., CSP
Vice President, Region V Eric W. Hallerud, CSP
Vice President, Region VII Chet Brandon, CSP, CHMM
Vice President, Region IX Ajay Sachdeva, CPEA

Area Directors

Area Director, Region I, Area 2 Jennifer Harris, CSP
Area Director, Region II, Area B Nathan H. Spencer, CSP, CIH
Area Director, Region IV, Louisiana Brandon M. Smith, CSP
Area Director, Region IV, South Florida C. Alex Scott, CSP, ARM-P
Area Director, Region VI, Southern Matthew Wilcox, CSP
Area Director, Region VIII, Keystone Patrick J. Karol CSP, ARM, SMS

Practice Specialty Assistant Administrators

Consultants Practice Specialty Alexis Westin, CSP, ASP, OHST, WCP
Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty Jeffrey M Citrone, CSP, CIH
Public Sector Practice Specialty Steven T. Guillory, Jr., M.S., CSP, IPMA-SCP, CPM
Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty Daniel Rollino, CSP, ARM
Utilities Practice Specialty Jeremy Presnal, CSP, OHST, CHST, CESCP

Common Interest Group Administrator

Emerging Professionals Common Interest Group Alyssa Weber, CSP

Common Interest Group Assistant Administrators

Emerging Professionals Common Interest Group Rick Sanders, M.S., CSP

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