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To serve our broad membership, Professional Safety articles span a wide range of topics. We aim to provide new information and best practices for OSH professionals — actionable guidance our readers can use.

Professional Safety, our flagship peer-reviewed journal, is read by our 36,000 members who span a broad range of industries in the U.S. and around the globe. Through our peer-reviewed feature articles, we aim to provide new information and best practices to OSH professionals — technical knowledge in safety developed through evidence-based information and on-the-job experience. Throughout our content, we strive to offer practical takeaway value and insight that our readers can apply to their own operations.

Call for Submissions

While the journal invites submissions on an ongoing basis, our Editorial Review Board encourages submissions to Professional Safety on a variety of specific topics of interest:

  • advancements in fall protection and addressing fall hazards
  • safety management systems for small- and medium-size organizations
  • advancements in technology and the effects on workplace safety
  • analysis of OSHA’s COVID-19 emergency standard and various state procedures as a model for future pandemics
  • the human impact of COVID-19 on the workplace and the individual worker (psychological and sociological effects)
  • engineering controls, BBS, HOP — What is the next era of safety?
  • case studies demonstrating successful improvement using the human performance approach
  • effects of the post-pandemic business landscape on the OSH profession
  • business skills to help OSH professionals connect with executives (e.g., communicating organizational change, data analysis, negotiation, economic principles, addressing the media, influencing people)

Potential authors should refer to the key expectations outlined in our submission guidelines when developing a manuscript for peer-reviewed consideration.


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