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Practice Specialty Elections


ASSP practice specialty communities provide members an accessible, virtual network of peers focused on developing and sharing technical and professional content and applying it to solve common safety challenges to become better safety professionals.

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Open Positions

Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator


Unless otherwise noted, all terms will be a two-year term, July 1, 2025- June 30, 2027 and will then auto-succeed for an additional two year term as Administrator.


The experiences, characteristics and qualifications in potential candidates for elected ASSP positions are outlined in SOG 6.8. These are in addition to any required qualifications specified in the ASSP bylaws or role descriptions.

To serve in this role, you must:

  • Be a member of ASSP (not including Emeritus and Student)
  • Be a member of the respective practice specialty

Nominations Process

Please submit the following materials

  • Assistant Administrator Practice Specialty nomination form
  • Brief biography (limited to 250 words). If selected for the ballot, this will be published on the ASSP election website and on the election ballot.
  • Platform statement addressing your vision for the position and the respective practice specialty (limited to 300 words). If selected for the ballot, this will be published on the ASSP election website and on the election ballot.
  • Completed conflict of interest statement. NOTE: ASSP reserves the right to limit volunteer participation of any member who serves in a volunteer or leader capacity with competitors in order to lessen conflict of interests and maintain confidentiality.
  • Photo [hi-resolution, small (2 x 3, 300 dpi) or low-resolution, large (8 x 10, 72 dpi); JPG preferred


Please contact ASSP's governance staff.

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