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Gain a deeper understanding of the most widely adopted and highly regarded voluntary consensus safety standards from ASSP and other leading safety organizations.

Confined Spaces (Z117.1)

ANSI/ASSP Z117.1 covers the safety requirements that employees should use when entering, exiting and working in confined spaces at normal atmospheric pressure.

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Construction & Demolition Operations (A10)

ANSI/ASSP A10 standards cover safety requirements for a wide range of activities related to construction and demolition operations — from erecting scaffolding, to handling explosives, to pouring concrete.

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Fall Protection and Fall Restraint (Z359)

The ANSI/ASSP Z359 series of standards addresses fall protection equipment and systems for climbing, work positioning, fall arrest, rescue, evacuation and other operations that present fall hazards. These standards also addresses identifying and abating hazards to prevent injuries when working at height, as well as worker training.

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Fleet/Motor Vehicles (Z15)

The ANSI/ASSP Z15 standard establishes a foundation for identifying any gaps and risks in a company’s fleet safety program. It also supplies guidance to help companies mitigate their fleet risks.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Training (Z390.1)

The ANSI/ASSP hydrogen sulfide (H2S) training standard helps protect workers from overexposure to hydrogen sulfide, a gas that can cause a wide range of health effects. The standard establishes accepted practices, safety training and instructions for workers.

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Lockout, Tagout and Alternative Methods (Z244.1)

The ANSI/ASSP Z244.1 standard focuses on lockout, tagout and alternative methods designed to help control the unexpected release of hazardous energy from machines, equipment and processes, thereby protecting workers from the related dangers.

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Machine Guarding (B11)

The B11 series of machine guarding standards addresses how to safeguard new, existing, modified or rebuilt power and manual-driven machines that are used to process materials and the associated equipment used to transfer material or tooling.

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OSH Management (Z10; ISO 45001)

Safety management standards, including ANSI/ASSP Z10 and ISO 45001, help to establish occupational health and safety management systems to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks, and create better, safer working conditions all over the world.

Learn about Z10 and 45001

OSH Training (Z490.1)

The ANSI/ASSP Z490.1 OSH training standard establishes criteria for occupational safety and health training programs, including program management, development, delivery, evaluation and documentation.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Occupational personal protective equipment (PPE) standards address a wide range of hazards and exposures associated with PPE and its use in various environments.

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Prevention Through Design (Z590.3)

The ANSI/ASSP Z590.3 standard provides guidance for a life-cycle assessment and design model that balances OSH goals over the lifespan of a facility, process or product.

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Risk Management (ISO 31000; ANSI/ASSP Z690)

The ISO 31000 standards, adopted in the U.S. as the ANSI/ASSP Z690 standards, apply to a wide range of risk management activities, including strategies, decisions, operations, processes, functions, projects, products services and assets.

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Ventilation Systems (Z9)

Intended to help employers and employees reduce and prevent exposure to harmful substances, the ANSI/ASSP Z9 series of standards define the minimum requirements for worker safety and health as related to ventilation systems.

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Walking/Working Surfaces (A1264)

The ANSI/ASSP Z1264 standards for walking/working surfaces establish provisions for safe working and walking environments where the potential for slips and trips exists because of surface characteristics and conditions.

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Work/Aerial Work Platforms (A92)

Aerial work platform standards provide criteria for vehicle-mounted rotating and elevating work platforms, elevating aerial platforms, boom-supported elevated aerial platforms, and a series of equipment related to the aerial platform and access industry.

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