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The American Society of Safety Professionals is a global association for occupational safety and health professionals.

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For more than 100 years, we have supported occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals in their efforts to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. We provide education, advocacy, standards development and a professional community to our members in order to advance their careers and the OSH profession as a whole.

Who We Are

Informative: Sharing knowledge is at the heart of what we do — through symposiums, networking events, continuing education offerings, our professional journal and more.

Established: Since 1911, we have been the most respected advocate for workplace safety and health professionals, working hard to advance the profession and the individuals who choose it.

Connected: With 35,000 members in 80 countries around the world, we connect safety and health professionals to a vast community of peers, resources and opportunities.

Passionate: Our members are dedicated to making the world a safer and healthier place. We share their dedication and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

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Our Passion. Our Profession. Our Place

ASSP FacesAs safety professionals, our members put their passion to work everyday protecting people and improving their performance. Through their membership and active participation in ASSP they are able to connect with great people to develop great resources, all to ensure a safer, stronger future.

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Our identity is rooted deep in history. ASSP was founded in response to one of history’s worst workplace disasters. Learn more about our history and the catastrophic event that launched us into existence — spurring us to fight for workplace safety alongside our members.

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Society Structure

Talented volunteers collaborate with the ASSP staff to advance the occupational safety and health profession. More specifically, ASSP staff members are association management professionals who operate the organization’s core functions, products and services. The ASSP Board of Directors is a group of industry professionals who have been nominated and elected to serve by their fellow members.

Annual Report

Our annual report to the membership shares messages from ASSP's president and vice president of finance, as well as audited financial statements.

2022-23 Annual Report

Archived Reports
2021-22 Annual Report 
2020-21 Annual Report
2019-20 Annual Report
2018-19 Annual Report


The ASSP Foundation

The ASSP Foundation – the charitable arm of ASSP that was chartered in 1990 – promotes occupational safety and health as a career choice and works to build a sustainable talent pipeline to make all industries safer worldwide. Its programs and services are solely supported by charitable donations from the ASSP community and corporations motivated to support the profession. The ASSP Foundation has invested more than $6 million into the occupational safety and health community to develop opportunities for career guidance, education and leadership development. The charitable effort is designed to attract new individuals to the profession as well as enhance the knowledge and skills of current safety students and professionals.

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Center for Safety and Health Sustainability

In June 2011, global OSH organizations joined forces to form the Center for Safety Health Sustainability. Partners included ASSP, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, AIHA and Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

Representing more than 100,000 OSH professionals in more than 70 countries, the partners began a journey to act on the value of OSH and worker well-being as part of their sustainable business practices. After a decade of collaboration and impact, the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability was sunset because all organizations had embedded this important work into their day-to-day operations.

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