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American Society of Safety Professionals has something for everyone in occupational safety and health. We offer many ways to grow personally and professionally.

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ASSP is a vibrant community of occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals dedicated to helping our members grow. We will help you reach your highest level of performance by connecting you with great resources and great people — often through opportunities to get involved.

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Society Leadership Roles

There are many opportunities to lead ASSP’s many member communities, committees and other groups. Develop skills that will help you demonstrate your value and advance your career.

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Our expansive network of chapters in the U.S. and across the globe offers members the opportunity to put their passion to work and get involved with their local professional community. Many of our chapters also have sections to better serve members based on their geographic location as well as student sections that are based on campuses located near the chapter.

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Common Interest Group Member Communities

Join one of ASSP’s common interest groups (CIGs), which represent varying age groups, ethnic backgrounds and genders to support diversity in the OSH profession.

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Practice Specialty Member Communities

ASSP represents OSH professionals in all industries — offering you the unique opportunity to network with safety professionals who understand the unique challenges you face each day. 

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Education Instructors 

Share your OSH knowledge and experience by becoming an instructor. Teach one of the for one or more of the many courses offered through ASSP.

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Conference Presenters

Be recognized as a thought leader in the safety industry and showcase your OSH knowledge by presenting at ASSP’s Annual Professional Development Conference, one of the industry’s largest events.

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Get Published

Become a published author for ASSP’s highly regarded publications to demonstrate your value to employers and clients, and to establish yourself as an expert on specific topics or industries.

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Government Affairs

Help ensure federal and state government decisions that affect workplace safety, health and the environment are based on good science, evidence-based insight and sound technology.

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Standards Development

Help develop voluntary consensus safety standards that stem from diverse viewpoints and perspectives from around the world, and incorporate the latest industry developments and recognized best practices — all to ensure a safer, stronger future.

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The charitable arm of ASSP focuses on advancing the profession through scholarships, professional education grants, an annual conference and research grants that help develop tomorrow’s safety leaders, assist practicing OSH professionals seeking to advance their education and support OSH research. You can advance the Foundation’s mission by contributing financially to support its programs or through other sponsorship opportunities. 

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