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Local Chapters


Our local chapters provide accessible, face-to-face opportunities to help members become better safety professionals.

About ASSP Chapters

Join ASSP and gain access to our expansive network of chapters serving safety professionals from the same communities or geographic areas. Chapters provide local education sessions, networking events and leadership opportunities so you can maximize your ASSP membership experience.

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The Benefits of Belonging to a Chapter

As a member of a local ASSP chapter, you will experience many benefits. You will:

  • Increase your technical occupational safety and health knowledge, attain certifications and earn continuing education units through local chapter education offerings
  • Expand your local network of safety professionals for problem solving, mentoring and career advancement
  • Give back to your community by participating alongside your chapter’s members in philanthropic and volunteer activities
  • Have the opportunity to become a chapter leader to enhance your personal and professional leadership skills, and to potentially prepare you for broader ASSP leadership roles

You can experience these benefits from the convenience of your nearby community and at low costs — thanks to affordable chapter dues.

Find a Chapter Near You

We have large network of chapters across our U.S. and global regions. These member communities provide accessible, face-to-face opportunities for ASSP members to become better safety professionals. Find a chapter near you and visit its website to see everything it has to offer.

ASSP Regions

Our regions support our chapter communities and provide additional opportunities for ASSP members to connect.

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