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Our member communities contribute to advancing safety in workplaces around the world, helping to create a safer, stronger future.
What Are ASSP Community Awards?

What Are ASSP Community Awards

Our many ASSP member communities — from local chapters to practice specialties and common interest groups — help advance our mission of creating safe environments that will ensure a safer, stronger future. Through our community-based awards, we acknowledge our members’ contributions and their importance in propelling ASSP forward.

Platinum Chapter

ASSP chapters across our U.S. and global regions empower members to put their passion to work and get involved with their local professional community. Our platinum chapter designation recognizes those chapters that meet our rigorous standards of excellence. These chapters serve as strong role models for other chapters.

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Outstanding Student Section Award

Our Outstanding Student Section Award recognizes and encourages the activities of established ASSP student sections at colleges and universities. This award honors those sections that effectively engage their members and advance safety education and research.

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Council on Practices and Standards Recognition Awards

Our practice specialty and common interest group member communities represent specific areas of OSH expertise, industries and disciplines, as well as diverse voices across age, gender and ethnicity.

These groups help our members grow personally and professionally through education, networking, advocacy and mentoring. They also help advance the safety profession overall by embracing ASSP’s mission and extending it across our organization.

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ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.