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Business and Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals


Safety professionals in every industry are required to not only keep their company's workers safe, but to understand and support the goals of their business. How can you establish safety as one of the "table stakes" of your company's operations and culture? Whether you're part of a large corporate team or a safety team of one, the right business and leadership insights can help you promote operational integrity and continue to elevate your safety successes.

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Expanding the View: ANSI/ASSP Z16 Metrics for Safety Professionals

For years the safety profession has used a narrow set of metrics that were based primarily on employee injuries to determine the effectiveness of safety programs. These metrics are oftentimes misleading and confusing in that they are a macro statistic that is expressed in an abstract rate. As the field of safety becomes more professional, there is a need for metrics that will more closely align with other numbers in organizations to demonstrate success or failure.

Enter Z16, an ANSI/ASSP standard that addresses these challenges and will be a key tool in elevating your safety program within your organization. By establishing a balanced set of leading and lagging indicators, safety professionals will be able to participate in the broader picture of their company’s goals.

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ASSP Leadership in Safety Management Certificate Program

SafetyLeadership_Certificate_Image_210722If you are an OSH professional with more than five years’ experience and seeking a higher level of leadership achievement in safety management, then the Leadership in Safety Management Certificate can help you reach your professional development goals.

The two courses guide you through the application of contemporary safety management methods and the influential leadership strategies that will help you put them into practice. The courses are offered several times per year through our engaging Live Virtual Classroom format, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

The courses for the Leadership in Safety Management Certificate will be offered in June of 2023.

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A Clear Path to Essential Leadership Skills

Not all leaders look the same, or even start out with the goal to become a leader. The path to discovering your style and strengths as a safety leader can be challenging without the right resources. Find your authentic approach to managing and training your team and continue to develop your skills with ASSP programs, education and more.

If you’re looking to:

  • Find (and keep) your motivation as a leader
  • Build lasting relationships and trust with your peers, your team and your senior leaders
  • Refine your communication, training and presentation skills
  • Navigate conflict management

Then check out SafetyFOCUS 2023!

SafetyFOCUS 2023

Take the time to discover, develop and truly hone your skills as a leader with during SafetyFOCUS. Led by our industry-leading instructors, each course will take a deep dive on the leadership and training skills that matter most to safety professionals. Live instruction and discussion with your peers in breakout sessions will motivate you to take what you’ve learned and put it into practice right away.

Upcoming SafetyFOCUS Sessions

  • September 18-22, 2023 in Arlington, VA and Online
  • February 12-16, 2024 in San Francisco, CA and Online
  • February 19-23, 2024 Online Only
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Financial Basics and Beyond for Safety Professionals

If you’re looking to build your knowledge of the terms and metrics that business leaders use to evaluate their business and build stronger relationships within your organization, the Financial Basics and Business Online Self-Paced Courses are a great fit. Learn at your own pace and revisit sections of the content that you found most valuable. With six months access to the courses upon enrollment, you’ll have plenty of time to review the basics of business and gain fundamental knowledge.

Financial Basics for the OSH Professional | Beginner Level Course (0 – 4 years experience)
  • Develop effective business cases for safety and health programs, interventions and systems.
  • Use a systematic approach to identify and evaluate metrics to create a business case.
  • Create convincing business case presentations to deliver to organizational leaders to obtain resources and sell improvement ideas.
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    Making a Business Case: Refining Your Pitch for Safety | Advanced Level Course (10+ years experience)
    • Develop effective business cases for safety and health programs, interventions and systems.
    • Use a systematic approach to identify and evaluate metrics to create a business case.
    • Create convincing business case presentations to deliver to organizational leaders to obtain resources and sell improvement ideas.

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    Read More on Business and Leadership Skills

    Build your library with trusted publications written by the safety community’s most informed experts. From training and communication to management and leadership, there are resources available at every stage of your career.


Featured Publication: Safety Professionals Handbook, Third Edition

The Safety Professionals Handbook has become a standard reference for the OSH professional. Its wide range of topics from approximately 90 of the industry’s outstanding thought leaders, academics, and practitioners present the latest research, ideas, and practical applications in occupational and environmental health and safety. Now in one volume, this third edition provides a comprehensive text for practicing safety professionals and students alike that can be easily accessed and understood by all.

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Discover More at the Annual Safety Conference and Expo

Another great opportunity to grow as a safety leader is by attending the ASSP Safety Conference and Expo. Three exciting days are packed with inspirational keynotes, breakout sessions with today’s safety leaders and one of the best chances to grow your professional network. Whether you attend in-person or online, there is no other experience quite like it!

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