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Common Interest Groups


ASSP common interest group communities provide members an accessible, virtual and diverse network of peers brought together by shared experiences to become better safety professionals and promote inclusive safety cultures.

About ASSP's Common Interest Groups

Our common interest groups represent occupational safety and health professionals from different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and genders to facilitate their collaboration with one another, encourage their interest in the OSH profession, and promote their success and recognition within the industry.

Membership in our common interest groups is open to all ASSP members — it is not exclusive to those who share a particular identity. Many members join these communities to learn more about people they work with but may not share a background with; build their knowledge and ability to be an ally and more inclusive safety leader; and gain insight and understanding from different perspectives so they can improve their practice of safety.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Common Interest Group

As an ASSP member who belongs to a common interest group, you will experience many benefits. You will:

  • Share and seek knowledge through mentoring services; virtual education opportunities; and in-person gatherings at annual meetings
  • Expand your network of diverse OSH professionals and develop understanding that will help you become a more inclusive safety leader  
  • Have an opportunity to become a common interest group leader to enhance your personal and professional leadership skills, and to potentially prepare you for broader ASSP leadership roles

Find a Common Interest Group for You

Membership in our common interest groups is open to all ASSP members — it is not exclusive to those who share a particular identity. 

Blacks in Safety Excellence:
Advances all people of color in the OSH profession through professional development, networking, collaboration and education.

Learn about Blacks in Safety Excellence

Women in Safety Excellence: Addresses issues specific to women OSH professionals — helping tackle the specific workplace and industry challenges that women face, in order to advance their careers and gain leadership positions within the OSH profession.

Learn about Women in Safety Excellence

Hispanic Safety Professionals: Advances Hispanics and Latinos in the OSH profession through professional development, networking and collaboration.

Learn about Hispanic Safety Professionals

Emerging Professionals in Occupational Safety and Health: Identifies, develops and connects young leaders who possess a passion to expand their knowledge and promote the OSH profession to sustain ASSP and advance the industry as a whole.

Learn about Emerging Professionals in OSH

Common Interest Group Leadership Opportunities

Go beyond belonging to a common interest group and take on a leadership role as administrator or assistant administrator. Leadership positions within ASSP help members reach their highest level of performance--both on the job and in the Society.

See leadership role descriptions

How to get elected

Join Our Common Interest Groups

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Nonmembers: Join ASSP and your desired common interest groups at the same time.

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